Well Head Completion Options1

Well Head Completion Options

The State of Texas requires that the casing must extend at least 12” above ground level for all new water wells.  In some cases that is extended to 18” or even 36” above ground level.  In some rare cases, the casing might have to extend to above the flood line.  Check with your Project Manager on the rules that govern your new well.

We basically have two types of well heads. Steel Sleeve (or well seal) and Pitless Adapters. The steel sleeve well has been the most commonly used well head in the area. It is simple and efficient. And if you are installing a big commercial well, this is the only way to go. But, if you don’t want to have to worry about your pipes freezing, then you should consider a pitless adapter. The water pipe exits the well underground, so there is no pipe to insulate. And the well head is much smaller, so it is easy on the eyes.

Here are two videos that explain your options.