Forms & Permits

Permitting and Regulations

Regulations are constantly changing. This reflects our current understanding of the regulations and permits required for you to drill a well AND use the water from it for your home or business, but this may not be up to date. We will do our best to keep you apprised of the latest requirements, but ultimately it is up to you as the homeowner to make sure you are in compliance with all local regulations.

BE SURE to check with your HOA for any restrictions you may have agreed to in your neighborhood covenant. Technically, they can’t stop us from drilling the well, but you want to stay in good stead with your neighbors. You may also want to make a phone call to your City office to see if they have any special requirements. If they make it sound like too big of a hurdle to jump, be sure to give us a call. It may be easier than they let on.

In addition, if your property is inside the City of Austin Water Utility District, then you will need to register your well with the City of Austin.  Check your water bill.  If it comes from “City of Austin Water Utilities”, then you are in their district.