Types of Pumping Systems – There are four typical water pumping systems that people choose to meet their water needs:

  1. Standard Pressure Water Well System (sometimes called a Basic Water Well System) with a large pressure tank that delivers water with a 20 psi range. This might be used for a small house in the country.
  2. Constant Pressure Water Well System with a variable frequency drive (VFD) controller and a small pressure tank that delivers water with a 5 psi range. This might be used for a large house in the country or for an irrigation well in the city.
  3. A Well and Storage Tank System that uses a large storage tank/reservoir/cistern to collect water throughout the day and a booster pump system to deliver the water when needed. This booster pump system could have either a standard pressure or a constant pressure booster pump. A Well and Storage Tank System is always recommended for domestic (a.k.a. “in the house”) usage but is generally required for a house with a low production well. Well and Storage Tank Systems can also be the most economical choice for meeting large irrigation demands. A Well and Storage Tank System can also be used to supplement a Rain Water Collection System during extended periods of drought.
  4. We also install Solar Pumping Systems. For ranches who need to get water to their livestock or hunting cabins in remote areas where it is impractical to run electricity, or for people who just want to live “off-grid”, a Solar Pumping System might be the right choice for you. A solar system typically includes a storage tank system as well.
Constant Pressure vs. Standard Pressure
Storage Tank Systems/Benefits
Solar Pumping Systems
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