Mud Control & Site Protection

Drilling a well can be a messy process. If your site is way out in the country, this probably won’t be a problem for you. But you need to understand that all those cuttings have to go somewhere. And along with it, a bunch of water is going to be flowing out of your well. The drilling equipment is very large and heavy. We will do our best to minimize the damage we do to your property. Your help is greatly appreciated. Here are some ways that you can minimize damage to your property.

  1. Drill the well early in your construction process. The later you wait to drill, the more stuff we can damage.
  2. Mark any underground items that we might damage. Things like pipes, electrical wires, communication wires, gas lines, sewer lines, French drains, septic lines, septic tanks, sprinkler lines, valve boxes, and sprinkler heads. We recommend you get some irrigation flags and mark everything you know about. That way we can avoid them during the construction process.
  3. Talk with the Project Manager about the mud control plan.
    Where is the water and mud going to go?
    How is it going to be contained?
    Who is going to clean it up?
  4. If you have a lawn that we will be driving on, discuss using plywood or mats to limit the damage from heavy equipment. Its best to drive on the yard when it is dry, so don’t irrigate for a few days before we start.
  5. If we are driving over concrete or other driveways or sidewalks, you need to know that we might damage them. Typically, this happens at the edge of the driveway where we are getting off. We can put down plywood to spread out the weight. This might prevent damage, but you need to know that we can’t be responsible for damage caused by our heavy equipment. It is your responsibility to provide a surface that we can drive on that will support the weight of our equipment. We will not be responsible for any damage caused by our heavy equipment.
  6. Talk with the PM about tree limbs and other overhead obstacles. Our drilling rigs are 13’6″ tall so we might need to cut some limbs. If its just one or two, we can do that. But for a bunch of trees, you need to get that done before we show up.

Here are two videos that discuss these issues

Mud Control

Site Protection

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