Solar Pumping Systems

The days of the windmill are not yet gone. But for most customers they have been replaced by the solar pump. If you need water in a rural setting – whether for your home, your barn, or pasture – where getting electric power is cost prohibitive or if you just want to live “off grid”, then solar might be a good option for you. The Lorentz solar products that we use are the best on the market. Below is a flyer from Lorentz detailing why they claim to be the best. And in our experience it is true. So if solar sounds like a good option for you, give us a call so that we can discuss it with you and design a system that will best fit your needs.

Solar Pumps Overview
Setting the Pump

Why LORENTZ Solar Powered Pumping Systems are the best and most cost effective:


Efficiency – We produce more water with less watts. This is possible because our motor is 92% efficient and we offer a wider range of hydraulics on our pump curves to meet your requirements. This matters because solar panels are usually 40-70% of the solar pumping system cost.

Sole Source Responsibility – When the complete LORENTZ solar powered pumping system is purchased from one of our Certified Dealers, we guarantee to meet the daily flow requirements that were quoted. If it does not, we will fix the problem on our dime. See if those internet companies will do that for you. Where are they from? Who are they?

No Electronics in the Motor – Our competitor’s system has all of the electronic controls built into their motor housing which is submersed in the well water. This means that when any tiny electronic component fails, you cannot service the system unless you pull the pump. Our system has all the controls above ground just like conventional submersible a/c powered pumps.

Modular Design – Up to 70% less maintenance cost! The LORENTZ solar powered pumping system was designed with long term maintenance cost in mind. LORENTZ has a replaceable control, pump end, and motor. This means that if stray voltage from lightning damages our controller, the circuit board can be replaced by itself. Likewise when the motor wears out after its 20,000 hours of rated duty or if the pump end is worn out from a sandy well, they can be replaced individually. Our competitor’s system is a sealed unit, which means you cannot replace the motor, controls, or pump end. You will have to throw it away and buy the whole unit.

Variable Speed Control – Are the wells seasonal in your area? Do the water levels and production rates drop during the summer? Every LORENTZ controller comes with variable speed control built in at no extra charge. This allows you to reduce the maximum flow rate of the pump by 30%. This can keep your well from pumping dry causing damage to your solar pump and motor.

Dry Well Probe Sensor – We also have a sensor that can determine if the water level drops below a certain point. This will keep your pump and motor from running dry if you have a low producing well. Our sensor shuts the pump off due to low water level. Once the sensor is back underwater, the controller waits 20 minutes before starting the pump which gives the well a chance to recover. The controller also lets you know that at some point the well did pump dry. Our sensor is not built into the wire leads of the motor like our competitor. With their system it is not repairable. But with LORENTZ it can be replaced independently of the motor.



Average Water Requirement for general service around the home and farm:

Each person per day for all purposes – 50 gallons
Each horse, dry cow, or beef animal per day – 12 gallons
Each milking cow per day – 35 gallons

Each sheep per day – 2 gallons
Each 100 chickens per day – 4 gallons
Each hog per day – 4 gallons

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