Water Well Inspections

Well Inspections

Are you buying a new house that has a water well and/or storage tank system and want to know if it is working properly before you make an offer on the house or before closing? We can help. One of our experienced service technicians will come out and inspect the system. With a basic inspection, we cannot tell you how deep the well is, where the water level is, or how much water the well is making. But we can tell you if the well is working and in good condition, how much water the pump can deliver and at what pressure, and whether or not the well pumps off during a 30 minute pump test. We will also make recommendations for repairs or improvements to the system, if any are needed.

Note: We will have to turn off the water to the house for a period of time, so it is best if we are not there while other home inspections are going on.

To schedule an inspection, call the office or click here for our Service Request Form.