Thank you for expediting the replacement of our well pump. We sincerely appreciate your efforts and are extremely grateful we have water once again.

It’s comforting knowing your team continues to provide quality work at a fair price.

Michael M.


Your guy Zach came out yesterday and did a fantastic job. Very personable and professional.

M. Krainz


Happy Holidays

Thanks to your guys, we had absolutely ZERO problems and much greater piece of mind. With the Tank, the insulated piping, the house heater, the freeze miser and the freeze recirculating valve, we were in good hands.
Thanks again to you for giving me advice and to your crew for the excellent installations.

Jeff J.


Very impressed with how efficiently Galen ran the job, how polite and informative he was, and that he was beyond pleased with the quality of work. He mentioned Galen, Clint, and Carson by name and said they were fantastic and there was no down time goofing off, they just got the job done and made sure he had water over the weekend.
Want to make sure they know how happy they made him, and let y'all know they are out there doing good!



I highly recommend Ross at Bee Cave Drilling! Ross and team were great to work with, very communicative, professional, and are all around good people. We received quotes from several companies, but ultimately decided to work with Bee Cave, because of their price transparency and the peace of mind that they drill to the bottom of the water table— not only until they hit water. Ross from Bee Cave provided an initial quote to drill our well and set the pump, and gave us an appropriate date that was a few months out (they’re busy, but worth the wait). On drilling day, Ross notified us how far down they had to drill and informed us that they would be cutting a several thousand dollars off of our bill because they didn’t have to drill as far as they planned. We really appreciated how honest, informative, and prompt these guys were and will call on them again for any well/pump needs.

Maghan E.


I highly recommend Ross and Bee Cave Drilling for any well-related work! They installed a large storage tank and jet pump, with all the related re-plumbing and electrical work. They were very responsive and communicated every detail in a timely fashion. Finally, a company that does exactly what they said they would do! They were very respectful of our property and very enjoyable to work with. Not the cheapest, but clearly the best - you get what you pay for!

Bill P.

September 21, 2022

Daniel (Project Manager) has been super helpful about teaching me about the options and setting up the work to be done on our well. Sean, Kevin and Dave did the actual servicing of my well and did a great job! Hard working and very knowledgeable! Strongly recommend these guys for your well work!

Marbert M.

September 1, 2022

Will and Sean were great at repairing my downhole pump last week and getting my water back up and running.

Sharon H.

August 31, 2022

Highly recommended! As we waited for the well to be drilled (outside of Johnson City) Ross guided us through the options and shared all his excellent experiences for our learning. On the day of drilling, he was on-site to ensure everything went smoothly. The crew was hard working and very professional, and the entire experience was great. We are 100% confident that Ross and BCD will be available for any future well questions, service, issues --- or anything else. Thank you!

Leilani P.

August 17, 2022

Shawn and Kevin worked all day in the heat and then stayed until 9 pm to get our well pump replaced and our water back on. Not many businesses or contractors put that kind of hours in to get the job done! I'm very happy with these guys. Will use it again!

Go Around

August 14, 2022

Ross sent 2 technicians to plug the well on my property. The guys Ross sent were great. They went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with the results. Ross was always available immediately if I had a question. He is very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend Bee Cave Drilling to anyone who has issues with their well.

Cathy S.

August 3, 2022

We needed a well and Bee Cave Drilling came through! We decided to build during the pandemic and you know the rest of that story.
We contacted every drilling company in proximity and Bee Cave Drilling was able to do it faster than any other company by six months or more.
They were also more cost effective than the other companies.As if that wasn’t enough, Ross the project manager, was the best part of the deal.
He worked very closely with us and saw to every detail. If you are like me, you have wondered what has happened to hospitality. Well (pun intended), it is alive and well with Ross and Bee Cave Drilling.

Corey U.

August 3, 2022

My experience has been great. There service was prompt and professional. Ross was my contact and took care of everything. Once I had power at the new house, Ross came by to fine tune and explain everything to me.
Very professional! I would definitely recommend them.

Jeffrey M.

July 27, 2022

We have worked with Greg Svetlik since 2016. His service, reliability and knowledge has allowed our olive trees to survive the tough times. This current drought could hurt our olives; Greg will take care of us. You are a good man, Greg.

Fred R.
Olive Grove Partners

July 13, 2022

I just wanted to provide a compliment for the gentleman that came out to my address today. The gentleman was very professional and informative. I will recommend your company and I would like to proceed with what he recommended.

Carroll Cowan

June 8, 2022

I wanted to thank you for getting your boys out there same day to replace that valve in my yard. They checked everything out and got me running and I sure appreciate it. I just wanted to thank you.

S. Kallman

June 7, 2022

Today I had the pleasure of interacting with Hunter Comstock on a service call for the Travis Bluff POA in Spicewood. I was blown away by his knowledge, professionalism, and absolute commitment to educating and satisfying the customer! I could not have been more impressed. I have two additional well projects coming up and based on my interaction with Hunter - I would only use Bee Cave Drilling! Five Stars!

Bill B.
American Campus Communities

May 21, 2022

Bee cave rocks hard. The owner goes to great lengths to insure the customers satisfaction and it shows through the employees commitment to services excellence. It's rare in today's world to find so many people so fixed on customers satisfaction. Good people doing great work.

Anthony H.

May 19, 2022

I would just like to let the owner and company leadership know that I think your company is awesome. Y'all built our system when we had the house built in 2019. I just got off the phone with Alexander who helped me troubleshoot a problem and it worked. He was extremely respectful and responsive. I just wanted to let you know that your company is one of the best we have had to deal with since our home build started till now. THANK YOU!

-Allen V.

May 18, 2022

Bee Cave Drilling is the best place to go for all of your water well needs! Highly recommend!

Maggie B.

June 10, 2020

Bee Cave Drilling recently completed a complex well project on our residential property and did a fantastic job. The work itself was top notch, but what really impressed me was their customer service. The project involved coordinating the efforts of four other contractors over the course of several weeks. Bee Cave educated me and patiently walked me through every step of the process to ensure the project was a success. I cannot say enough good things about this company or recommend them highly enough to someone else considering a well project.

K. Hurwitz

June 1, 2020

I would like to thank the crew that came out and did the well pump service. They were professional and cleaned up the work area when they finished with their work. I could not believe the amount of sediment that was removed from the holding tank, twenty years’ worth.

B. Compton

May 22, 2020

I just spoke with Mr. Watkins and he had nothing but great things to say about Matt, Brian, Jared, Austin, and Drew. He said they were very polite, made sure that the site was picked up and clean before they left and answered any and all questions he had to his satisfaction. He also said every interaction he has had with everyone at Bee Cave Drilling and the excellent communication we maintain have sold him on never using anyone else and referring us to anyone that asks.

I wanted you to know how happy he was with the drill.

Ross J.

May 13, 2020

Thank you for doing an awesome job and coming at an earlier time. The water is crystal clear!

L. Vasquez

May 1, 2020

My residential site is tight so a smaller rig was used to avoid damaging trees and driveway pavers. Lyle and the drilling crew were professional, friendly, took time to answer questions, and worked incredibly hard. I enjoyed watching the process which is complicated and potentially very messy. The tag line is “no spill drilling” and that was how it went. The guys were meticulous about protecting trees, containing the drilling mud, and keeping the site clean. I am impressed with the people and how much they cared about their work. The company has an outstanding reputation in central Texas and I see why. I highly recommend BCD.

J. Haro

April 28, 2020

Thank Hunter for his great service!

B. Forsyth

April 24, 2020

Tanner, who works for you, is outstanding. He is one of the hardest workers we have had here at the de facto monastery in any capacity; he is very user friendly; and patient with me as I ask more questions than most game shows. He is a real asset to your firm. There is one other guy, Artie who is also a big plus.

B. Smith

April 3, 2020

Mr. Piatt wanted me to inform management that he was “very impressed with our Team of employees, In particular Zach Hernandez.” Mr. Piatt has worked in construction the majority of his life and has worked with a multitude of skilled individuals. He then continued to say “Zach is a true golden employee and it is very rare to find someone with that much skill, knowledge, problem solving abilities, work ethic, and great attitude. You better hang onto him.”

J. Piatt

March 5, 2020

Absolutely an amazing company with hardworking, polite and honest people. These are some of the best guys. They have done several emergency repairs for me. Can’t recommend these guys enough.

Texan Properties

March 4, 2020

Mr. Blair,
Wanted to thank you directly for the great work your company did on my property. Was a tough go with access issues but you made it happen, kept my property clean and installed a great system. I’ll make sure to sing your company praises and review you guys online.
Oh, and really love the videos – thanks for answering my questions!

Steve Vela

February 29, 2020

These guys are awesome!! Ross was extremely knowledgeable and conscientious of my goal (both project work and financial budget). I needed a very old unusable well professionally filled and capped off to meet State and LCRA requirements. The field team lead by Ross and office (Melanie) were very service oriented and responsive. Highly recommend!

Traci Z.

February 26, 2020

Thank you for quick response and fixing my issue. Great guys! Good job Hunter and Ray!

Bret M.

February 18, 2020

Wilson was awesome!!!! I am very pleased with how he handled the situation and took care of business. Very nice and professional.
Thank you.

John Green

February 6, 2020


Please give Jim a huge thanks from all of us! We loved having Jim, and we learned so much from him today that I wished that we’d had more time with him. The new brochure is beautiful and tons of great information. It was a great experience for us all and we would absolutely love to have Jim again.
Many, many thanks!

Dripping Springs Elite

January 30, 2020

From a phone call to our office…
Way to go Fritz & Bradley! F5 Mechanical called in to tell us how awesome and professional you both were. Great job!

F5 Mechanical

January 29, 2020

Luther (and Jim and others) got a nice compliment yesterday. The client told him that he must own the place. When Luther said no, the client said he rarely meets a worker so knowledgeable unless they are the owner. Luther, the humble man that he is, said that our owner (and his managers) do a good job of making sure we are well trained. That was a testament to Jim and all those who have helped train Luther over the years.

Kevin Langford, Director of Project Management

January 20, 2020

Thank you for the service. The technicians (Barry, Zach and Wilson) were courteous and professional.

Bob Ryan

December 19, 2019

I, appreciate you so much getting this completed quickly for me!! Your workers (Wilson, Hunter, Zach and Dave) were very professional. Merry Christmas!

K. Haffelfinger

December 5, 2019

I also want to say that all of the Bee Cave Drilling personnel we interacted with, they were very courteous and hardworking — many thanks to Barry, Kyle and Zach.

Mickey & Kayla McDaniel

November 11, 2019

Thank you! We are very happy with our well! Great job Team!

K. Miller

October 30, 2019

From a phone call to our office…

Way to go Luther, Michael and Tanner! Mr. Fraher called and said that you did a great job!

M. Fraher

October 26, 2019

The team did a fabulous job yesterday!!! Thanks very much.

B. Rice M.D.

October 14, 2019

VERY responsive! Emailed them night before and next morning at 0930 a technician was at our wellhouse and fixed it…would use them again (this is our 2nd time, many years in between).

D. Freeland

October 2, 2019

Thank you….Gosh, they did a great job!

S. Hehr

September 10, 2019

From a phone call to our office…

Vance called in and said what professionals you are. They are very happy with the work that was done!
Way to go guys!

J. Vance

August 30, 2019

Wanted to say a big thanks to Ross and the Bee Cave Drilling peeps! We realized we had no water last night after hours and I was super worried we would be out for days (and we all know just for the bathroom only) that is a big problem! I called first thing this morning and Ross was over within the hour. Diagnosed the problem, in the process of working on it found we had more corrosion that we had thought and installed a new pipe and switch. Done by lunch. At a good price too. Thanks, so much for your quick help and the friendly attitude to go along with it! I would recommend anytime for any type problem!

Teresa C.

August 12, 2019

Great company and I highly recommend them. My husband has cancer so there was nothing he could do. Our water went out. Called Bee Caves Drilling and they came out as soon as possible. Did a great job.

Yvonne C.

August 10, 2019

Immediate service! 5 Stars!

Peggy O.

August 05, 2019

Jim Blair is an honorable gentleman and a ‘Well Scholar”. We moved to Austin 6 years ago and a year later our well pump failed. I called BCD and they were quick to respond and get us back up and running. As they were doing the repair, at THEIR suggestion, they researched my failed pump and determined it was under warranty so all I had to do was pay for labor and a few miscellaneous items. What a pleasant surprise!!

Recently, Jim and I spent a few hours going over our well and the setup. Jim did several proposals on possible upgrades, options and prepared a proposal. We just finished a phone call with Jim saying “Given everything you have told me, I wouldn’t do a thing right now. Wait for the pump to fail, or you change your mind, and when it does, call me to replace it.” How many folks do you know, who are that honest? I even offered him $500 for all the work and proposals he put together. He said he wouldn’t take a dime. Just wants my future business.

I will say it again. Jim Blair is an honorable gentleman and a “Well Scholar”.

Jeff J.

July 30, 2019

Ross, who has come out here the last three times, has done a great job. He’s professional, knowledgeable and friendly.
Keep him around

Jim Hinton Realty

July 18, 2019

Fast friendly service. Reasonably priced. Reliable. I will use them again.

Cindy C.

July 18, 2019

Barry was great! We really appreciate him and Bee Cave Drilling coming out same day and repairing/repacking same day! You all made us so happy and relieved! Great work!

G. Cappello

July 6, 2019

Finally, someone that could clearly explain the difference between a constant pressure system and standard pressure system.

J. Neely

July 3, 2019

ACC crews, I know I made it a hassle with moving the tanks and the replumbing, but it paid off. The big boss stopped by today and was very pleased with the final product. See below. Good job guys.

K. Langford

June 21, 2019

From a phone call to our office…

Robert Johnson very happy with the work ya’ll did. Great Job team!

R. Johnson

June 19, 2019

From a phone call to our office…

Tim Fuller was so impressed on the pump set work ya’ll did that he wanted to make sure Jim knew how impressed he was! He said that we can use him as a referral anytime. Congrats crew…Great job!

T. Fuller

May 17, 2019

Also, I want to say how pleased I was with Hunter, who did the work.
He was very professional and performed the work with no attitude, negative comments towards his company or the job, or rudeness, like I see with a lot of service persons these days.
Have a great weekend,

T. Woodruff

April 11, 2019

Your guy Ross was very helpful. It was difficult to figure out all of the piping, and he was thoughtful and patiently navigated the Labyrinth.

A. Schaab

March 28, 2019

Thanks Zeb for sending these reports to me. I will contact you when we are about to connect the well to the home as you mentioned…Please be further advised how completely happy I am that I used Bee Cave Drilling for my New well. I appreciate working with very competent contractors that deliver a great service at a fair price. I will not hesitate to recommend your company. Thanks again.

Glenn D.

March 13, 2019

Chris is a darn good guy. Very hard worker. Thanks for your responsiveness.

Gene Taylor

March 4, 2019

Your guy did a great job. We have water pressure. Thank You!

John Church

March 1, 2019

From a phone call to our office…

Way to go Wilson! Mr. Lee called in to tell us what a great job you did.

J. Lee

February 16, 2019

I can’t say enough good things about their service dept. and especially Luther, one of their service techs. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and easy to communicate with during my service call. His follow up was outstanding. Kudos to BCD for their staff and service.

Scott N.

November 09, 2018

Thanks Jim and all your great employees for a job well done. We look forward to making future improvements to our water system with you.

Lee F.

September 1, 2018

Our house is on top of a hill, our well is at the bottom of the hill, the well pumps water into a 1500 gallon tank next to our house on top of the hill. Our water is pumped into the house via booster pump. We had no water to the house, and I checked the holding tank to find it empty. I thought for sure my below surface pump was defective. I called Bee Cave Drilling on Saturday morning on Labor Day Weekend and they came out promptly, and found the problem, by the way, was not the submerged pump. They were professional and very well qualified. If we have any more well problems, you can be sure I’ll call Bee Cave Drilling first!

Elbert H.

August 29, 2018

This letter is to commend Bee Cave Drilling, Inc. and recommend them to anyone needing a new well, replacement well, well servicing and any related work. Whenever required, we have had Bee Cave Drilling working on our property for ten years as well as working on the Caslano HOA well whenever necessary. They are extremely knowledgeable with Texas water conditions and all technologies that support customers. Their employees are professional and very careful protecting the environment and keeping us informed. Jim Blair, the owner, is totally customer and service oriented. He not only explains the technology and work requirements, he has also developed short videos to provide customers concise information on processes and products. Jim makes himself personally available as necessary and is always responsive by phone or texting.
I am completely satisfied with Bee Cave Drilling and will gladly talk to any potential customers who may have further questions.

Gary K.

August 28, 2018

These guys are amazing. We live in the middle of nowhere and they came out the day we called them (even though they were swamped), figured out what we needed, drove to Austin, got the part, came back and installed that same day. Fantastic customer service that went above and beyond!

Rachel C.

August 10, 2018

I have had to have my father’s well pulled in Henley and mine pulled in DS in the last few months. Both had older motors and pumps along with some other issues. The team at Bee Cave Drilling did an extraordinary job on both projects. The customer service is outstanding. Alexander gave me his cell number and told me I could call him anytime with questions and I did. He answered his phone and made me feel at ease about what was going on. They understand that being without water is a big burden on a family and they jump through hoops to make sure you are taken care of in a timely manner. If you have water issues and you have a well, these are the folks to call.

Mark A.

August 6, 2018

Ross came out on service call before we knew my old pump had passed away.He diagnosed possible pump failure and was right on the money.Pump was indeed locked up,also there were several burnt and coroded spots in the power chord.He came back out with Brian .They pulled it,replaced the pump,the wire and control box.They added a protective circuit to keep from harming my new pump.They explained things about my well that I didn’t know even after 30 yrs of having a well.We will stay with Bee Cave Drilling .They care about their customers.

Doug C.

August 4, 2018

Bee Cave Drilling installed a 2500 gal water storage tank on my well system. Could not be more pleased with this company! Zeb was the estimator and PM on the project, and the crew led by Antonio with Dewey and Kyle were outstanding. My background is engineering and facilities management, so I am familiar with performance of construction and service crews. These guys were true professionals and I highly recommend them.

John C.

August 2, 2018

From a phone call to our office…
Mr. Lane called in and was very happy with how fast we were able to come to his house. He was VERY impressed with Antonio and how personable he was and how informative he was talking with him…Way to go Antonio! Keep up the outstanding work!

P. Lane

July 5, 2018

From a phone call to our office…
Mr. Nothhaft greatly appreciated the great job ya’ll did on his well. Way to go Guys!

H. Nothaft

June 28, 2018

Very responsive, accommodating and knowledgeable!

Diane B.

June 28, 2018

Mrs. Tracy called and said that she was so impressed with how kind Annette was over the phone when she called in yesterday. She said that her husband is a doctor and always struggles hiring people with great customer service skills, she said that Annette certainly has great customer service skills! She also wanted to thank Alex and Dillon. She said that they were very kind, knowledgeable and efficient. Mrs. Tracy said that they went above and beyond in explaining everything very thoroughly. She said that she will definitely be using Bee Cave Drilling in the future!
Love hearing this!- Christy

C. Tracy

June 25, 2018

Way to go Kyle P. and Kyle W.! The Ayers’ called and said that you both did a great job and that they were very impressed. Fantastic job!

L. Ayers

June 15, 2018

Once again, Barry saves day!

C. Pezold

June 11, 2018

Great job Chris! Mr. Jacops called and couldn’t say enough great things about you!

R. Jacops

May 22, 2018

Chris Adner did excellent work and exceeded all of my expectations! He is an asset to Bee Cave Drilling and I plan to specifically ask for him every time. His plumbing lines were clean and efficient, he works fast, and does excellent work. This guy deserves a raise! I was very impressed! Thank you Chris! Thank you Bee Cave Drilling!

Vance Van Donselaar

May 3, 2018

Hunter and his team were excellent in how they went about their work. Very professional and informative. My wife gave them her stamp of approval, no better endorsement than that.

Robert P.

May 2, 2018

I wish that we’d used Bee Cave Drilling instead! I didn’t realize that they cover so much area on the west side of I-35! Non-mud well drilling. Jared was especially helpful, along with the owner. They have great attitudes, are very professional, reliable/trustworthy, modern, and high tech. They take pride, enthusiasm and care in their work. They take time to educate you. They took the time and consideration to explain and help with a problem, caused by another well company. The other well company never got our well system working, correctly, along with other frustrations along the way. Next time, we’ll call Bee Cave Drilling!

D. Show

April 15, 2018

5 Stars! They actually called me back on a holiday weekend!

Lora W.

April 9, 2018

Just a note of thanks for your quick response in scheduling the Lost Springs Ranch Water Supply Corporation service and repairs last week. It may be the first time a well problem caused water service to stop completely to our neighborhood, and we are grateful for the service provided by our operator, PGMS Inc., and by Bee Cave Drilling’s quick diagnosis of and solution to the problem. Your expertise and service are greatly appreciated.

The LSR WSC Board of Directors
–Boyd, Matt, Marlie, Davie, Ana, and Mike

Lost Springs Ranch

April 6, 2018

Just wanted to once again give a big “thank you” to Bee Cave Drilling…had a little problem with my pressure pump – called and talked to Jim (owner answered the phone on the second ring – thank you very much) and told him what was going on. Without hesitation he said they would be out that same day to fix the problem…and sure enough, not 2 hours later I got a call from the tech letting me know he was on the way out. They drilled my well originally about 4 years ago, and what couple times I’ve called with questions/problems I’ve always received prompt and professional service. It’s just great to know that such companies (a reflection of the owner) are truly professionally competent and understand customer service as well. I will continue to recommend them whenever I get the opportunity. Thanks again Bee Cave Drilling…

Jeff Steele

March 09, 2018

I spent quite a bit of time on Ryan’s drill site yesterday. The customer said that he has been watching Ryan, Matthew, and Kyle work all week. He is a boss on a construction site, so he knows how things go on jobsites with some guys. He said our guys never looked up. Even though I wasn’t there to watch them, they worked very hard all the time. He said they never stopped giving every effort to do the job. And, the results show that they did work hard. They did a 5 day job in four days… even with the rig down for 1 day. So, Ryan, Matthew, and Kyle, thanks for making me proud. You did a great job this week.

Jim Blair

February 06, 2018

Quality work and easy to communicate with. I needed some help with my well and they came out that day. They literally went the extra mile to save me money. I would definitely recommend them.

Ryan Snedigar

January 11, 2018

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased I am with the service I received from Hunter and Luther. These two guys were very professional, and they took the time to install the repairs and equipment to my property with true professionalism. They explained things as they went along, so I could understand the inner workings of the system. This is my brother’s property which I’m currently managing and I was unaware of how the well system was set up. These guys explained everything to me and they also set up the system to protect itself from future issues which caused me to need your services. Because these guys so impressed me, I wanted you to know that you have two great employees and I would have felt bad if I didn’t provide feedback.

If ever someone needs well service I will recommend your company based on the service that I received.

DeWayne Lofton

December 15, 2017

Way to go Hunter, Kyle P and Chris! Glen Alter said that you guys did an awesome job…Great Job!

Glen Alter

December 6, 2017

James Cox told us what a great job ya’ll did. Lots of knowledge! He will use us and refer us to people!

James Cox

November 9, 2017

Your guy, Chris, is a really valuable asset.

David Dunlap

October 30, 2017

Hunter was very helpful and knowledgeable. It’s so hard to find good help these days, but you’ve got it!

Brandon Edgar

October 25, 2017

Thank you. These guys (Hunter and Kyle P.) were so nice. I went out there yesterday and they both explained things and did it with enthusiasm!

Alison Withers

October 9, 2017

From a phone call to our office…

Barry and Ross deserve a gold star- impressed on professionalism and just great guys!

Louis Herlin

October 6, 2017

Had a great experience with Bee Cave Drilling this past week. Daily cost est. updates, work done quickly, nice young men doing the work. Called Rick at AquaPro (Nextdoor rec.) even though he came out quickly he couldn’t perform the work as his truck was in the shop. I’m sure that’s corrected by now, although his recommendation never called back. In the world of well pump replacements you do not have time to wait, so I called my friends over at BCD and they did not disappoint. Pump was not in stock so I had to wait a day then the rain happened but they helped me connect to neighbor (THANKS AGAIN LILLIAN!) and were back out the very next morning. My one suggestion to everyone is make sure you have a clear path of access for a truck to get adjacent to your well, no matter who is doing the work. Luckily we bought the property behind us which they accessed thru, otherwise 1 side of the house would have lost all the trees to gain access via my chainsaw.

Bryan Bailey, Saddletree Ranch

October 6, 2017

From a phone call to our office…

Aaron Schaab was very impressed and he will be giving us a lot of work once they close on their house!

Aaron Schaab

September 13, 2017

From a phone call to our office…

Stephen Case very happy about how quick Alex responded on Saturday and how took the time to show him how to hook up his system if water is out.
Also very pleased we were able to pull and replace his well pump in 2 days.
He said that Alex and all of the crew were great!

Stephen Case

August 14, 2017

These folks rock. I have used them for 20 years and they are sweet, reliable and they do what they say they will do. I spent a whole day with them on a Friday working well into the night to repair my well. Nice to come across a business that just takes care of the issue without all the nonsense and smoke and mirrors. Happy to write something positive for those who deserve it.

Robert Caridi

August 1, 2017

Jim and the guys at Bee Cave Drilling did a wonderful job for us. No one has more experience in the area, and they used this knowledge to give us a very accurate and competitive quote. His crew worked diligently to avoid damage (a drilling rig is heavy!) and they were very polite and hardworking. Not only that, but Jim was great at keeping us in the loop on a minor schedule change so that there was no fallout.

Now I have to tell you a little secret. My wife and I are both geologists, which means that we were tough customers. We peppered Jim and his drillers with all sorts of technical questions, and it was very clear that these guys know what they are doing.
Don’t waste your time with less experienced drillers. You won’t end up saving money anyway. I recommend Bee Cave Drilling without reservation.

Thomas Griffith

July 28, 2017


Kristin and I wanted to thank you guys again for working late to get the job done even after hitting problems. We know it was a late night for the whole crew and we appreciate their effort. We are very happy to be on path to getting water setup.

Chris F.

July 07, 2017

Outstanding customer service! They did a good job with my well inspection so I called early Saturday morning when my well pump went out. Within an hour I got two calls back and Alexander walked me through the trouble shooting so I could fix it myself at no cost. Very friendly and helpful, definitely earned themselves a repeat customer.

Carter C.

June 22, 2017

Great experience. Kevin and team were very responsive and available and professional. Highly recommend if you are planning a well.

T. Lam

June 20, 2017

They replaced my well pump and it is working just fine!

Sherry G.

June 6, 2017

Office Manager was incredibly helpful.

Gail C.

May 31, 2017

Thanks for the fast service!

Danny Davilla

May 31, 2017

Jared and Alex are amazing to work with!

Dean Singleton

May 30, 2017

The help I received from Melanie, at the office, was extremely helpful. She listened to me and sent repair men (Barry and Kenneth) who were aware of my problem and what had already been done to try and fix the problem. The two young repair men were fantastic – very knowledgeable and personable. I would recommend Bee Cave Drilling to anyone needing well repairs. I am ecstatic that I have water again!!!!

Gail Combs

April 13, 2017

From a phone call to our office…

Tom Pantazopoulos called to let us know that Barry did a great job! He said that he had a million questions and Barry was very efficient and thorough. He really appreciated all of his knowledge and information. He said that if they purchase the property they will definitely be repeat customers!

Tom Pantazopoulos

April 12, 2017

A good friend recommended Bee Cave Drilling, said they were top notch on service and very experienced. They’re both of these, way beyond my expectations. Knowing very little about wells initially, I found the videos on their web site very useful to learn what I needed to know. My job took forever because I had about 10 projects going on that were in the way, but Jim was very patient and there to help whenever I had questions. Always returns calls immediately, excellent on follow up. They have the quote process down to a science, with detailed information as to costs immediately available. They’ve seen it all and know how to protect your interests. It’s worth noting that there’s a bit of an art to well drilling. For example, knowing exactly when to stop drilling is important. You can go too shallow and have the well run dry, or too deep and get more sediment. You can rest easy with Bee Cave on your side. Good, fair, honest folks that are a pleasure to work with!

A. Zenk

March 23, 2017

I used to be a contractor so I’m used to getting and evaluating bids and information from subs. In the three bids I received for my new well, Bee Cave Drilling stood out for its wealth of information on the underground aquifers in my area and for their ability to present the info in plain English. Go to their website to see the drilling process. They were onsite when they said they’d be, in and out in three days, and left not a bit of mess behind from either the well drilling or the trenches they had to dig to connect to our electrical and irrigation systems. (They were the only bid I received that included everything…..every item needed for a turnkey well from drilling to start up.) The workers on the job were all professionals. No hired ‘temps’. Jim Blair managed the drilling and followed up three days later to ask how the well was performing and volunteered to come out to explain anything again. It’s rare that you see such service. Truly rare. Incidentally my well got twice the GPM I needed (30GPM vs 18GPM expected) and we were within 35′ of the estimated depth. I recommend Bee Cave Drilling without any reservations. They are great.

P. Nettleship

March 21, 2017

Shows up on time, explained what he was going to do and fixed my problem the first time. Very friendly and professional. Highly recommend.

Tarvin R.

February 22, 2017

From a phone call to our office…

Alex, Nicole Luff said that you were patient explaining her system and that she will be using us for her well needs – Way to GO!

Nicole Luff

February 1, 2017

Jared and Bee Cave Drilling,

Thank you so much for your support of our work! We really appreciate you and the great work to keep the well flowing and our crops growing!

Urban Roots

December 1, 2016

Kevin and his team did and outstanding job. They did what they said, when they said, and for the cost they said. Several people recommended Bee Cave Drilling to me and I can see why. Thank you Kevin and Bee Cave Drilling.

Ben Morton

November 23, 2016

I run a design/build business in the Hill Country, and the home we live in had a deep well drilled (by others) back in 2006 by the previous owners…. Not long ago we noticed a drop in water pressure followed by a loss of water to our home, and determined we had an issue with our well pump.

One call to Bee Cave Drilling, and they were out the next morning to troubleshoot the issue, as well as help us with some preventative maintenance. My wife also works with vendors and subcontractors on a daily basis and made a point to let me know that they were really great at both their customer service component, as well as making sure she didn’t have any questions and understood exactly what was needed and why.

Great value, and great service, and are now our go-to company for new wells for our clients, or any service we may need. Many thanks, and we highly recommend them.

Jonathan White

November 17, 2016

Two crews came out on separate days, on time, fully prepared. Very professional and friendly, when questioned they took the time to explain things and responded to any request we made, on top of that they drilled a great well.

Kate Alexander

November 11, 2016

I have known Jim Blair since Bee Cave Drilling drilled my well back in 2008 and our relationship has developed from being customer/provider based in the beginning, to a professional partnership in business in recent years. When I met Jim for the first time for the consultation about our well options, I didn’t realize at the time that I would be taking a page out of his book for my future business when it comes to communicating, informing, and educating the customer to make the decision best for themselves.

While, Bee Cave Drilling was not the lowest bid to choose from at the time, I chose them because Jim Blair provided me with the information and the options I needed to confidently make the decisions about the future of my family’s primary source of water. My gut feeling was that “you get what you pay for” when it comes to well drilling and providing adequate water pressure and I was right. It never felt like a sales pitch. It didn’t need to be. I knew that what he and his crew had to offer was the experience and knowledge to provide the best quality service and product I could get.

Today, my well water system is still running like the first day we fired it up and, now that I own and run an alternative water source business , I use those same principals with my customers that Jim did with me back in 2008.

Zak Crosby

November 10, 2016

Bee Cave Drilling has been a wonderful resource for our deep water wells. Jim Blair is a wealth of knowledge and true professional. The Bee Caves Drilling team can restore or build any size or depth well your properties requires.

Austin Kidd

November 9, 2016

These guys were great to work with. Very professional and got the job done quickly. Highly recommend!

Phil Roberts

November 9, 2016

They show up when they say they will. They do what they say they will do, and they charge what they say they will charge. These things may seem basic, but having been around contractors for over 30 years-those things set Bee Cave Drilling head and shoulders above much of their competition.

They explained everything they were going to do as well as why and explained all my options, which gave a great sense of confidence. They then performed as promised.

Great company to work with.

Ted L. Turner
General Manager
Patriot Erectors, Inc.

October 31, 2016

Responded within 20 minutes of online quote request. Showed up before noon the following day. Everybody involved was great. I won’t hesitate to call them again if needed.

Tom Russell

October 13, 2016

From a phone call to our office…

Charles Bonney called in to let us know what a great job Alex did and how professional he was when he was on his jobsite. He greatly appreciated Alex and was very pleased at what a great technician he is.

Charles Bonney

October 13, 2016

Alex, Barry, Hunter and Jared, thanks for the great service!

Christopher Ferguson

September 27, 2016

Thank you SO much!!! Alex was fantastic – he really took his time in explaining everything to me, and answered every question I had….and I had a lot!! Very knowledgeable and professional. I’m so glad our realtor called you – you will always be our go-to professionals for our well.

Kumi Carter

September 13, 2016


This past weekend I was at the Storm Ranch in Dripping Springs. Josh Storm and I went to Westlake together. Josh also had nothing but great things to say about you and your team. As a humble brother in Christ and a God fearing leader of people, may the Lord continue to bless and use your life for His glory and honor. Thank you for all of your team’s great work. We believe your company has the best reputation in central Texas.

Austin Kidd
Project Manager
Stone Development Group, Inc

September 5, 2016

As a builder in Central Texas we are on many jobs with different drillers. Let me just say they are not all equal. Before we even pull off of a job the homeowner is usually calling the driller to figure out what went wrong when their water is no longer working. So when we decided to drill our own well we chose Bee Cave. This is the second time we have used them on one of our personal homes. Jim is amazing. He is very patient and wants a homeowner to truly understand what they are getting and how everything functions. This extends to the crews that work for him as well. They do a lot of education for their customers and never appear to grow tired of the questions. I have never had a call go unanswered or promptly be returned. Jim has many very informative videos on You Tube describing common issues and how to resolve them on your own or help you decide if it is time to call a professional. The equipment they use is top notch. If you have an estimate that is less look at the equipment the driller is using. The equipment Bee Cave installs is meant to last and costs more than cheaply made equipment that turns a greater profit for other drillers. Also, look at the depth they are planning on drilling to. Some other drillers just drill until they can get water right now. This is fine only if the water is still there during a dry period. One thing I highly recommend is his three float system. It is an upgrade meant to save many thousands of dollars and protect your expensive pump from running dry and burning up. This failure is most likely to occur at the worst possible time. Through many years of construction I have dealt with many drillers. Bee Cave has consistently excelled in their field. If you want to use the right guy the first time this is your company.

J. Herzog

September 2, 2016

Hello Greg, I have been busy with work, we have Notre Dame playing UT this weekend. Anyway Jared did an outstanding job of making the punchless items look great. You went through every item we discussed on the list. I can send some pictures of his work where he reworked the plumbing as it goes into the tank, digging a trench and burying it…Many kudos for his efforts and his supervisor should know about it…Please pass my many thanks to your drilling and pump team, as they did also excellent work, professional and polite.

Greg it’s been a pleasure working with you and your company. I really felt like a customer that was being cared for and your attention to detail in communication with dealing my whole family. I’ll be sure to put a comment in on your webpage. Also let me know the name of your head honcho would like to share some good words with him to.

Best regards,

The Hatfield Family

September 2, 2016

Your guys did a GREAT job yesterday. My husband and I were so pleased.

Tracy Schneider

August 17, 2016

You are the best well company in the world! Keep up the great service…Thanks!

Dale Reeves

August 3, 2016

Thank you for your service, I was very pleased with your professionalism, timelines and honesty.

Kelly Henry

July 12, 2016

Thank you and thank you guys (Brandon and Jacob) for all your help.

Brandon L. Roberts

July 11, 2016

Thank you for your quick response to our problem. It is greatly appreciated.

Dwayne Deaning,
At the Park RV

June 28, 2016

It is a pleasure working with your company. I really appreciated the dedication and professionalism of Alexander, Hunter and the rest of the crew. Thanks again.

John Baker

June 24, 2016

From a phone call to our office…

Alex- Robert Bexar said that you were great! He said that you did an awesome job explaining his equipment on the well inspection!

Robert Bexar

June 24, 2016

From a phone call to our office…

Barry and Zeb- Allison Wood was very impressed on how fast you arrived at her site. She said that ya’ll were great getting her niece back in water! Way to go guys!

Allison Wood

June 23, 2016

From a phone call to our office…

Greg Javernick took the time to call in and tell us that he was so impressed! “What a great group of guys you have” He was impressed with all of you. He said you were all so professional; he loved the team work that you all demonstrated.

Greg Javernick

June 3, 2016

Was just saying thanks. Jared found the problem that other company misdiagnosed. I have water and couldn’t be happier with the service or the guys that did the servicing. Stellar performance, thanks so much!

Eric Morris

May 16, 2016

Alexander was WONDERFUL! ????

Connie Brownson

April 13, 2016

We are so happy with our new well water storage tank and are looking forward to more dependable water and pressure. We really enjoyed your informative and entertaining videos!!! Thanks for the smooth, efficient, pleasant water tank installation.

Doug and Val Mills

March 20, 2016

Chris was great. He explained every process to me and made sure I understood everything before he departed. This was the greatest experience!

Kimberly P.

March 8, 2016

I have to say, I was so impressed with the level of service Bee Cave Drilling provided — from the initial phone call, to Alexander giving me step by step instructions on how to troubleshoot potential problems. THANK YOU!

Best wishes,

Stephanie Lain

March 2, 2016

Melanie and Jared, thank you for your help and prompt information you provided over the phone. More so, thanks for sending Alex Thompson to service my well. He did an outstanding job in isolating the electrical problems and doing the repairs. He is very thorough and a skilled technician. It was fun to watch him do his work.

Nick and Estela Huizar

February 16, 2016

I was very pleased with Alex’s work. The system is very complicated and he took the time to understand what was going on, get the water up and running and explain it to me.
I look forward to getting the well inspection report and the quote for the necessary additional work.

Shirley Sandoz

February 11, 2016

When your well shuts down, that’s lemons. When you call Bee Cave Drilling, that’s lemonade!
Thank you for being there when we need you!

LeRoy and Kaye Banda

February 11, 2016


Thanks for the picture show on our Glen Rose Well- Still think I should have popped corn for that one…Ha!
I appreciate your help and advice on what I should do!!


Rob and Donna Beeman

February 10, 2016

Hello Team,

I just wanted to say how pleased I was with Alexander yesterday. He was a pleasure to work with. He was very helpful and full of information. I feel like he went beyond the call of duty with his sharing of info for my temporary water system needs during the rebuild phase after the fire that we had a few months ago. I have always been happy with my experience with Bee Cave Drilling. Alexander was another fine example of that terrific service you guys provide.


Mitch Mann

February 09, 2016

Thank you for the repairs! I am your biggest cheerleader!

Brian Bailey

Brian Bailey Homes

January 20, 2016

From a phone call to our office…

Way to go Mike, Nick, Ty, Charles, Barry and Brian!

Luke Blair said that he enjoyed working with us on his water well project. He said that the communication was awesome and that the guys were great. He is very happy with the water system that we built for him!

Luke Blair

January 11, 2016

To Everyone,

Thank you very much for doing our repairs on an emergency basis! I was out of town in Florida and no one at Bee Cave Drilling knew who I was. You performed the repairs and did not even ask for a credit card to pay in advance. I appreciate your trust that I would make good on my payment responsibilities. Your customer service could not have been any better!


Richard Dickenson

January 7, 2016

From a phone call to our office…

Congrats Kevin, Mike, Charles and Nick!

Jason White from Partners in Building could not tell us enough about what a great job you guys did (he was especially appreciative for his Project Manager Kevin!) He said that all of the guys were simply the best he had ever worked with on any construction project!
Way to go guys you make us proud!

Jason White (Partners in Building)

December 21, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Greg Johnson said that he really appreciated the time that Charles spent on the phone with him on Saturday, explaining to him his system. He will always call us!

Greg Johnson

December 9, 2015

I met Chris on-site and he was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful in explaining what he was doing and how things worked! It was a learning experience for me, appreciate you guys getting this done promptly and with little fuss! Amy, Mark, call Chris if you’d like his take on the status or operation of the water well system! Very helpful…

Tim Rebouche (Homecity Real Estate)

December 3, 2015

I highly recommend Bee Cave Drilling, they’re kind, fast service and professional…Great service.

Javier H.

November 19, 2015

I needed emergency repair service when the water stopped flowing to the house one morning. Bee Cave Drilling called me back right away and was able to work me in to their schedule by early afternoon. Unfortunately, what I initially believed to be a blown pressure valve turned out to be much more serious. I essentially needed to replace my entire system. The system was 15 years old so I knew it was coming due, just didn’t expect it all at once so suddenly (recently purchased this home). Bee Cave Drilling was excellent about explaining to me the procedures, equipment, and warranty information. They completed the job in a very timely manner and were even able to work with me regarding payment issues. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them again as I intend to install a reserve tank when my budget allows.

Sherri S.

November 3, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Awesome job Chris! Brad Donaldson said that you were very knowledgeable and he felt very assured with you doing the repairs. He will be contacting us at a later date when he is ready to repair 2 other wells he has at his business!

Brad Donaldson

October 28, 2015

Thanks so much! Ps. Alexander, and really everyone I’ve talked to at your company are all super nice and extremely helpful! It’s reassuring to find a company like that!

Jenn Herbin

October 23, 2015

Hired them from Houston to major repair relatives well in Georgetown. Everyone I talked to was friendly and professional, and the owner called and discussed the job before go ahead. The well equipment was in terrible shape and my relative is now thrilled with having reliable water service.

Larry K.

October 22, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Richard Mutai could not express enough what a great job ya’ll did. He is very happy with his
well and said it is working better than it ever has. Great team work guys! Ya’ll are the Best of the Best!

Richard Mutai

October 14, 2015

We are in the process of selling our home and as part of the sales process, a prospective buyer contacted your company and arranged for an inspection of our well. Yesterday, Alexander arrived to perform the inspection along with the prospective buyer.

I wanted to pass along our appreciation to Alexander for not only performing a thorough inspection, but for also taking the time to visit with us about wells, water and our specific home water system. For a buyer, a well and home water system can seem rather overwhelming coming from the city to the country. However, your employee took the time to explain how it all works.

Because we did not have a pump saver on our well, and we all agreed we needed one, Alexander contacted his boss to see if he could extend his time on site and get the devise installed. Getting this work performed right away, vs. scheduling another visit, was very helpful to me as the seller. Your employee helped make the inspection educational and by the time he left he had discussed the inspection with us and had helped me by getting the pump saver installed.

Please pass along our appreciation to Alexander, and I wanted to thank you for having such a knowledgeable employee.

Charles Hall

October 6, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

I just received a call from Thomas Playfair with Lonestar Paving.He raved about the storage tank system that we installed, but he was even more impressed with the work that Alex did. He said he could tell that Alex had pride in his work and that he took the time to do the job right. Good job Alex!

Thomas Playfair

September 29, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Just wanted to say thank you for your impressive service josh is a great asset to you and the company

Steve Ridenour

September 25, 2015

Chris was an excellent representative of Bee Cave Drilling and a great technician. We appreciate your help.

Have a blessed day!

Gavin Taylor

September 23, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Steve Bradley new customer by word of mouth of his neighbor to call us. He was impressed with Alex and thought he did an outstanding job. He appreciated the prompt service and pricing!

Steve Bradley

September 22, 2015

We have used Jim Blair and Bee Cave Drilling for two wells in Travis County. We would recommend them to anyone wanting to drill a well. They are simply the best. They are not more expensive either. If you have a need to have a clean drilling site they have an amazing no-spill method that literally was the reason we were able to get HOA approval for a well in our residential subdivision. So, we are very happy customers with 2 deep wells in the Trinity aquifer that save us money every single month and increase our property values. We think it is smart to drill wells and save money. Wells are also good for water conservation because when using well water from the Trinity aquifer instead of tap water, you are actually taking pressure off the drought stricken Highland Lakes. When you make your decision to drill a well, call Bee Cave Drilling. If you are on the fence or thinking about it, they can help you by giving you good information that will help you make your decision. Either way, just call them. You will be glad you did. They are straight shooters. Thanks Jim and Bee Cave Drilling!

Michael & Jeri Archuleta

August 20, 2015

From an online interview…

Brandon was incredibly professional and knew exactly what needed to be done for our outdated pump switches. He was courteous and the charge for the work he did was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend Bee Cave Drilling

Home Advisor (Fitz McPhaul)

August 12, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

The Crenshaw’s were very impressed with how quick Alex arrived at their office this morning when they didn’t have water.
They greatly appreciate you sharing your knowledge and doing the repair on the spot. You are the best of the best!

Ben Crenshaw

August 11, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Nicholas was very impressed with Alex. He shared a lot of his knowledge. Alex really tried to help Mr. Jenson. He is so—impressed with Alex that he is going to post a review on Yelp!
He could not say enough nice things about you!I did tell him that he could NOT hire you HAHA! Thank you Alex you make us proud!

Nicholas Jenson

August 10, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

I didn’t get the word out last week, but Eddie Slack RAVED about you guys. I believe that it was Brad, Jared, Antonio, and Ramsey. He said he hadn’t seen a group of men work that hard and work that well together in years. Each one knew his job and everything just flowed smoothly. It was a JOY to watch. And the finished product was something we should be proud of. He said we should take a picture of the set up and use it for advertisement.

Great job guys, not only in the work you did but in the joy you gave to a customer!

Eddie Slack

August 10, 2015

Please tell all THANK YOU for the prompt service. I had peace of mind when I called requesting service. I had used your service two years ago when L&L Drilling did not have the staff to make calls. I will continue to refer and use your company. It is WONDERFUL to have the water running again. The cows enjoyed the water and my son enjoyed his shower.


Patricia Cox

August 10, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Michael Stewart was very grateful that Jared was able to get him back into water…great job Jared!

Michael Stewart

August 5, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Alex performed a well inspection for Scott McDonald and he could not say enough about how
great you are! Thank you for all you do!

Scott McDonald

July 14, 2015

Please pass along to everyone at Bee Cave Drilling my sincere appreciation for a job well done!! I love all of “my” Bee Cave Drilling service guys! I also appreciate the manner in which they perform their jobs. It is difficult to find companies to work with these days where people enjoy their jobs, work together as a solid team and respect the property of their customers. They are also backed up by an outstanding office team providing prompt service appointments and diligent paperwork.

Kudos to all of you! If you ever need a reference, just let me know!

Margarett Foster

June 23, 2015
Thanks Melanie! Be sure and tell your boss Brandon is great!
Best regards,

Tim McCaskill (Austin Orchards)

June 6, 2015
I’m so glad that we finally had good weather for drilling the well. I really appreciate that the crew was so informative when I asked questions.
Thank you.
Judy Browning

June 5, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Jared and Barry went out to Wimberly after the storms to help Mike Rohan and his family restore their water.

Way to go Jared and Barry! Michael Rohan called to say that you guys were beyond great and that he felt like he was working with men of integrity! I told him that I completely agreed with him and that we were really blessed to have such a great team…you guys are the best! Christy

Michael Rohan

May 26, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

On Monday Chris made a service call to Mike Hagy (Hagy Homes) and he thinks that you did a fantastic job!

Mike Hagy (Hagy Homes)

May 14, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

I just got a phone call from the Manager of L&O Electric. They installed the electrical power for the Galleria well we completed today. He called to tell me how impressed he was with the guys that were onsite. He said he would be proud if they were his employees. So, Chris, Brad, Alex, & Carson and anyone else who was there… great job. I am proud to be your employer.


May 13, 2015

Thanks much! Jared and crew are the best, and fun too!

Ben Ferrell

May 6, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Mike Nisbett really appreciated the service call that Brandon and Josh made and
said that he is getting a new pump and motor tomorrow because he said ya’ll sold the job!
Thank you!

Mike Nisbett

April 30, 2015

Jim ..THANK YOU!!! Alex fixed us right up!
You guys are top notch !!!
Hey you were here!! Within minutes!
And before we were all working in the rain and dark!! Thanks!

Linda Yarbrough

April 30, 2015

You have had some pretty good people work for us on our project. Josh is stellar. He is the utmost professional. Knows what he is doing and explains it patiently. You could not be better served.


April 3, 2015

Chris and Matt came to a friends well and I was there to see the well jetted. Very interesting, the guys were very helpful and informative. These two clearly new what they were doing. A pleasant encounter compared to experiences with another company. Finished with my friends well and then to my own about 15 miles away. Spent the rest of the day and had a well that had been out of service for about 9 years pumping 10 gal a minute and it never slowed down. After consideration they helped me determine that jetting my well was not necessary and saved me hundreds of dollars. Bee Cave Drilling is an honest company with very knowledgeable crews that will steer you right and treat you as a customer they want to keep. And I definitely am a long term customer now. You won’t go wrong with Bee Cave, they are honest and thorough.

Tom Chenault

March 26, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Great job Antonio and Ramsey

Kudos to Antonio and Ramsey. Ty Woodruff gave you guys a glowing testimonial. He couldn’t have been happier with your work on his new storage tank!

Ty Woodruff

March 26, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Great job Chris, Matt and Jared

Both Tom Chenaut and Phil Waldron said you guys were amazing and they had so much fun working with ya’ll
They are referring their neighbor also to have a jet job!

You make us proud!

Tom Chenaut and Phil Waldron

February 09, 2015

You guys are AWESOME! Joe and I were amazed by the courtesy, professionalism, and expertise shown by everyone in your company. We have had numerous dry holes dug by several well drillers in our area and none of them come close to providing the level of service and knowledge that your company offers. We are thrilled that the well you just dug for us was not another dry hole, but even if it was, we would be singing your praises. Kevin, Derek, Mike, Marty; thank you all so much for the 200% effort you put into our well drilling experience! It was truly a pleasure to meet all of you. We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know.

Kathryn Gregory and Joe Scribner

February 06, 2015

Thank you all very much. Charlie and Brad were so professional and just terrific. I appreciate Jim being so prompt with everything as well. Great company you have!!! Thank you, again.

Joan Killebrew

January 23, 2015

Thanks again to you and your team for the quick and personable response. Everyone at Bee Cave Drilling has been great to work with.

Carlton Andrews

January 22, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Great Job Jared, Josh and Brad! Mike Hellrung said ya’ll were awesome!

January 22, 2015

Please thank Mac and all the others at Bee Cave Drilling for handling our “issue” so quickly and professionally!

Bob Beardley

January 21, 2015

One of our hose fittings came apart on a job and painted the customer’s brand new white house with drilling mud. We did our best to clean it up and make things right with the customer, but you never know what kind of impression you will leave with a customer after a major problem occurs. Here was her response at the end of the job:

I really cannot tell you how much I appreciate your kind email and your professional service oriented work ethics! Thank you for your follow up on our well. …If you ever need a reference for your business, please feel free to contact me! … Thanks again!


December 18, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Mr. Campbell called about what a great job that Alex and Matt did on the booster pump repair. Great job…Thank you for another satisfied customer!

December 2, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

The Reed’s were very pleased with the work Alex did for them. They greatly appreciated the extra time that was spent on your notes (they were not home) and the video report you sent them. Thank you Alex for going the extra mile it is greatly appreciated!

November 18, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Great Job Antonio and Ramsey on the Jordan job. They are really happy with the storage tank system. They said that you did an amazing job!

November 14, 2014

I will always call you first and will always recommend you to clients. The other well companies in my area do good work but they do not respond to my needs as y’all do. I have timelines to adhere to and reports to fill out. Low price, from my prospective, is secondary. I need a responsive and professional company to help me keep Fannie Mae happy.



November 11, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Marty took a load of water out to Tracey Bookbinder and he noticed the insulation was missing on her well head and he took care of it. She was happy with her water delivery and said Marty was wonderful. Thank you Marty…great job!

November 10, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Joe Adams said Josh did a wonderful job and called to let us know what outstanding work he did. Way to go Josh!

November 10, 2014

From an email to our office…

Thank you Mike and Derek for helping out the service team today! We greatly appreciate your help!

October 12, 2014

From an email to our office…

We had a serious “mud” problem after our well was drilled. It prevented us from using our irrigation system because it clogged up the valve of the very first zone that was turned on. The gravity filter was installed in May. The problem was solved virtually immediately. I am not sure what your specific problem is, but if it is similar to the one we were having, a gravity filter should solve the problem. For what it is worth, our experience with Jim Blair of Bee Cave Drilling is that he walks the talk. You can take what he tells you to the bank.

B. Cole

October 10, 2014

From our President, Jim Blair…

I went to Richard Pickle’s site today to inspect the storage tank system that we recently installed. He went on and on about how great Antonio and Ramsey were. He was thrilled with the new constant pressure system and the way that they customized it to his needs and wants. He kept saying how impressed he was with our guys and the system that they built. I have to admit that I am quite impressed myself. They do a great job.

Jim B.

October 7, 2014

From an email to our office…

Your guys were great, efficient, friendly, and professional. I met some of them on site the other day.

Brian Bares

September 25, 2014

From an email to our office…

Thank you so much for work you did. Everything is running great! We really appreciate it.
Special thanks to Jim for working with us!

Ron & Janice Gainey

September 22, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Javier Rios said you guys were really helpful, especially Mike, with very useful information. He appreciates the job ya’ll did for him.

September 16, 2014


Just let me tell you a short story. Friday my pump stops working, Saturday bubba (Charlie ) comes out can’t fix it …Monday I get lucky and Bubba comes back …this man knows his stuff ($@&?) and it was absolutely a pleasure to watch him work it was difficult knowing full well that the cost was going to be high…but our pump failed, our pipe was inferior, and now we feel like we have the best and know that if something happens, we have someone to call…what a great guy…


September 12, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Way to go Marty! Danny Desposito called to say what a great job you did!

September 8, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Congrats Chris- Saturday call for the Jungs said you were the Bomb.com!! Way to go!

September 2, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

WAY to go Alex! Paula Rechner/Bob Hill called to say how happy they were. Paula said “you were great and thanks again!”

August 28, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Grant Taylor said that he thought Alex did an amazing job. He appreciated talking with him on Friday night and having him come out to his house on Saturday to make the repairs. Great Job!

August 28, 2014

Dear Bee Cave Drilling Team,

I wanted to thank everyone at Bee cave Drilling for their help in getting my well back up and running. EVERYONE was courteous, considerate and I truly felt they had my best interest, both personal and financial, at heart. Kris and I truly appreciate the “extra mile” things that each of you did to help us get temporary water hooked up, diagnose the problem and then install the new pump. And while I had the previous paperwork, it was extremely nice of your tech (Alex, Chris and Matt) and office staff (Melanie) to review our paperwork and see what was and wasn’t covered under warranty. Outstanding service all around and again, I can’t commend your staff for how friendly and courteous they all are!


Jeff and Kris Johnston

August 18, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Allison Green-( Her husband John was out of town and Mac saw him at church). He was so appreciative on the fantastic work Chris and Alex did. He will probably write a letter but in case he forgets I wanted ya’ll to know what a great job ya’ll did!

Great work!!

August 15, 2014

Jared and Matthew did a great job and were a pleasure to work with! Thank them again for me.

Mike Heideman

August 6, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Carroll Cowan, a new customer, called and was impressed by Charles’ fast response time. He appreciated how Charles took the time to explain to him what was going on. He had someone else put in his system and it was done very poorly but Charles got him in water today and Jared created an estimate that Mr. Cowan committed to because he was so impressed. He couldn’t thank us enough!

Way to go guys! We appreciate what you do!

July 30, 2014


We recently hired Bee Cave Drilling to drill a water well at our home located in Spring Branch, Texas. After being stood up by four other companies in our area, we were thankfully referred to Bee Cave Drilling by Buzz Park, an HOA board member in our subdivision, Mystic Shores at Canyon Lake. Words cannot express our gratitude for the professional manner in which our project was handled from start to finish!

The job was supervised by Greg Svetlik and our contact with EVERY employee, from Steve, in charge of drilling the rig, to the crews that came afterward, could not have been better. We’ve had more than just our fair share of “bad contractors” over the years and can honestly state that his job was the best experience we’ve EVER had. Not only were all representatives of the company extremely polite and helpful, but we were quite impressed by the quality of the materials used and the automated manner in which the well efficiently operates.

Through the HOA project approval process, Buzz contacted Greg on several occasions for additional information and stated to us “So happy you contracted with Bee Cave Drilling, as Greg rapidly responded to my requests for additional information.” Through the entire process, we kept expecting something to go wrong, but it never did! What a relief that was on such a major project.



July 29, 2014

I just wanted to let you know the guys (Antonio and Zeb) you sent over were courteous and efficient. My experiences with your employees have been great each time.

Thank you!

Michael Lux

June 12, 2014

Hi Jim, Your guardian angel showed up and has everything working like a charm. Mac is such a sweet guy and couldn’t have been better in every way. What a gem you have with his expertise.
Please send an amended bill so we can pay you for your services.​ ​

Thanks for pulling us out of a rough spot! ​

Carlene Reeves

June 10, 2014

Dear BCD –

Thank you so much for getting there and fixing the problem so quickly!!!

Thanks again,

Shirley Miller
Office of Ben Crenshaw


From a phone call to our office…

Randy Nelson Plumbing called to say that we have all of his business going forward thanks to the outstanding job of Alex and Jared. They took a late call last night and got the customer back in water. Mr. Nelson was so impressed he will not being using our competitor anymore. He flew in late last night was very pleased to have water when he got home.

Thank you guys so much for going the extra mile!


From a phone call to our office…

I just talked to Karen Strand. She commented that Robert is Awesome! I agree with her.
Way to go Robert!


From a phone call to our office…

David Carrilla called to thank Chris! He set the pump by himself, David said thank you for all of the hard work you did. He said you worked extremely hard and He was so appreciative that you got them back in water. Thank you for all your hard work!


Thank you for your help! Please pass along my satisfaction with your guys! Great crew and they did us a really good job!

Kevin Naumann


Hi Christy,

I just wanted to thank you for sending Robert out to our house at 419 spears ranch rd in Jarrell so quickly last week on May 19th. I work nights and got home to a house completely dry of water- even the 3000 gallon storage tank was empty and it scared me! It also just happened to be the same day we were moving out of the house! Robert figured out the problem very quickly and even stayed extra to make sure our tank was filling back up properly. We are moving to a property that will require a new well ​pump and a storage tank in the near future, so we will definitely be calling you again!


Jenny Mueller


Thanks Greg! BTW, the drilling crew Steve and Rick are two of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Both are outstanding, hardworking men with great attitudes. Definitely an asset to Bee Cave Drilling!

Justin Love


From a phone call to our office…

Steve Carter said that he happy with the quick response and how professional Antonio was to work with. He really appreciated the work you did!


Hi Jim,

I want to thank you for the more than prompt response and the great repair job by Robert. Hard to believe that I call you at 7:30am and by 10:30am my well is back in service and I live 1.5 hours from your shop!!

Robert was extremely courteous and obviously very knowledgeable.

Thanks again and please use me as a reference if you ever have a potential customer that has any doubts about the best water well company in central Texas.

All the best,

Keith Frase


Greg, of Bee Cave just completed our well at Rolling Hills Rd. We were very pleased with the work and the speed at which it was done in, all our thanks to Greg Svetlik and Bee Cave Drilling for a job well done Thank you.

Georgeanna Rouse


Thank you for your Tech’s (Alex) fast response and I wanted to compliment him on his efficient solution to the problem. He is an asset to your company!

Tom Bradfield


From a phone call to our office…

Steve Carter said he was very happy with Antonio’s quick response and professionalism. He really appreciated the work that you did. Great job Antonio! Thank you!


Please give my thanks to the entire crew who took care of our emergency, especially the two technicians Alex and Antonio that my wife talked to.

Dr. Ion Ratiu


I appreciate Kevin communicating with me. Very refreshing! Great job!

Roger Niles


By the way, I want to be sure to let you know how wonderful Charles and Hunter are to work with. They explained everything about the sand issue and what they were doing to address the problem for us. They also took the time to show me what to look for and how to address potential issues in the future.
I now have a much better understanding about how my well operates and what each component does and why. These two technicians are wonderful and worth every penny we have invested. I appreciate their level of customer service and applaud you on your employee selection process. It is nice to have trustworthy and competent service.

Thanks again.

Sandra and Russell Brown


Thank you … as always, your team (Alex and Chris) did a great job. Thank you!

Linda Engelbrecht


Evans Weaver (Nancy Peter’s property) spoke with Mac and said that he’s “never seen guys work like that, they were fantastic and did a super job!” Thank you so much Mac, Antonio, Alex and Barry, we really appreciate your dedication!


From a phone call to our office…

Paul Caskey called to say thank you! Jared went above and beyond last night getting him back in water. He has already written a nice review on Yelp and just wanted to call and say thank you in person.


From a phone call to our office…

Amy Lindnor called and let me know what a prompt and great job Charles did on her service call!


From a phone call to our office…

Christel Green enjoyed spending the morning with Robert, Charlie and Hunter. “They put up with all my questions and willingly shared their knowledge!”


I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure working with your company. You​ and your crew that came out the first day (Jared, Mike, and Barry) were​ fantastic. I grilled Jared (and you for that matter) with a million​ questions, and you both patiently answered every single one. The drilling​ crew was great too. Even though the drilling process is a very messy one,​ they were able to keep any damage to the yard to a minimum, which I’m very​ grateful for.​

​Again, thanks for doing such a great job, and I look forward to recommending​ you to any friends and neighbors in the future.​

​Darren Schueller

February 19, 2014
Your guys were efficient and did a great job.

David Pope,

February 14, 2014
Bubba did a service call for Mark Mikol on Saturday and just wanted everyone to know He appreciated that we were so prompt and that the repairs were done correctly.

Good job Bubba!

February 10, 2014
From a phone call to our office…
Susan Durso just called in and wanted to thank us. Jared came out and got her water back up and running. She was extremely appreciative of the way in which he did so. ” She said our service was worthy of commentary.”

February 3, 2014
From a phone call to our office…
Chris (Michael Macs brother who was at the location) called me and wanted Everyone to know what a great job Jared, Mike and Barry did from Start to finish and how professional they were. He will highly recommend Bee Cave Drilling to everyone he can.

November 21, 2013
Today and tonight I received unsurpassed customer service from Jarod at Bee Cave drilling, far beyond my expectations. I have seen a lot after 30 + years in home building, and in all that time Jarod’s attitude and customer service skills are unequaled. I called your office this afternoon with the well out at Tom Blauvelt’s house in Volente. I was put in touch with Jarod and explained the situation. We were scheduled to texture the walls today, but no water no texture. It’s 4 pm. I had checked what I could, and knew we had electricity. Jarod was on his way. He got there after 6 in the dark. I directed him to the well over the phone, and he called back about 8:45 to say the controller was bad…..dAnd he had replaced it, water is back on! When I thanked him profusely he was like it was no big deal, well it is to me! With 10 guys like him you’d be the only water well driller in central Texas.
Give this man a raise and buy him a steak dinner.
And thank you!

Howard Barksdale

November 19, 2013
Kevin, you are most kind, generous and very helpful in providing the information below for our church. If we move forward on this venture, please rest assured that I would immediately contact you. If ever I have the occasion, I unequivocally, would recommend that anyone considering such a venture contact you.

God Bless.
Doug Murrell,

October 04, 2013
I wanted to pass along my thanks for coming out so quickly to look at our controllers. Robert was so pleasant to talk to and very professional. Thank you so much for the fast and awesome service.

Stephanie McKee , CAM(r), CAPS(r)
Community Manager

September 13, 2013
From a phone call to our office…
I wanted to pass along two phone rave reviews that I received from Brent Hartmann and Dan Desposito! Mr. Hartmann said that he was so impressed with Bubba and Hunter, they did a great job and he wanted to thank you guys for following up with him 2 hours later! Mr. Desposito wanted to thank Derek, Mike & Chris for their great service, he thinks that we have a great team (I definitely agree!) Great job guys…Fantastic follow up too!

August 13, 2013

Thank you so much for everything! Really appreciate all of your hard work, and all of the thought you put into our project. Kevin has to be my favorite sub-contractor I’ve ever worked with. It was a breath of fresh air to work with him. He always does what he says he is going to do allowing me to focus on other things that needed to be done. His honesty is extremely admirable. He is a FIRST CLASS FELLA. Feel lucky to have met him. If you ever want a great referral, I’m your guy. Best wishes to all of you! Fantastic job Kevin and to all of you who worked at the job site…Thank you so much!! Cliff Harbour

July 18, 2013
From a phone call to our office
I wanted to pass along another rave review that I received over the phone this afternoon. Tamera Kordowski called us just minutes after Mac left her house and said: “mac was so thorough and kind, he’s the kind of people that I like to be around. He even showed me how to get rid of the armadillo’s that I have in my yard!” She said that she will definitely use us in the future…Thanks so much Mac!

July 11, 2013
I have to say – your guys are so wonderful and sweet with my parents and I know my folks tend to engage them in long conversations but they are always so very patient and courteous. It’s appreciated – please share my thoughts with them.

Melynda Caudle

May 16, 2013
From a phone call to our office…
Irma Moreno called and said the drillers were great! They were friendly and helpful. They did a great job trimming the trees and sealing the cuts. She said if Bee Cave Drilling ever needs a reference to call her.

April 30,2013
Hi Christy.
Wanted to take a moment and thank you and Jim and everyone at Bee Cave Drilling for the great job and pleasant experience. Mike, Robby, and Bubba did an excellent job! They were timely knowledgeable professional and provided great customer service. Mike and Robby responded immediately to my call on Saturday and were quickly able to diagnose the problem that day. Bubba and Robby also showed up as expected on Monday morning with a prior phone call to let me know they were on their way. They were able to pull and replace the pump and motor expediently, efficiently and kept me informed every step of the way. I greatly appreciate your honest and professional service and look forward to recommending you to all who need you. Thanks again.

Stratton Weekley

March 27, 2013
Received review from Robert (Diagnostic Technician)
I was just out at Pat McAleenan’s in Liberty Hill and she made a point of telling me how much she appreciated Christy’s warm and genuine attitude in handling her problem. She said that she has worked in customer service a long time and that it is rare to find someone that really shows their care for the customer. She wanted me to tell Jim that he is lucky to have Christy. Good job Christy!

March 13, 2013
From a phone call to our office…
Thank you Christy, I just wanted to tell you what a great job the crew did. We were so pleased with the work and we added a good review on Angie’s list. We will be calling you for work on the float and a few other things that the crew recommended as soon as we get the power turned on.

Sue Babcock

March 11, 2013
From a phone call to our office…
Last week Jared, Mike, & Derek changed her pump. She kept going on and on about how good they were and how nice and how awesome they were.

Janet Snyder

March 5, 2013
Thank you so much for going above an beyond to provide great customer service. I don’t know of any other company that would take the time to shoot an instructional video for a single customer. I am really wow’d by the service. Jared contacted me and also gave me more information regarding other options I might want to take advantage of in the future. I will definitely keep them in mind as I develop the property. Again, hats off to you and the staff at Bee Cave Drilling!


February 28, 2013
Hey Jim,
I was having issues with my pump inside my storage tank. Turns out the PVC connection to the pump has failed. I called Bee Cave just to get an idea of how to pull the pump out of the tank most effectively without damaging anything. I believe it was Jared who I spoke to for about 15 minutes yesterday. He did a great job of explaining to me how everything was setup and ideas and solutions on to fix things. I felt he went above and beyond and I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated it.


February 15, 2013
I want to thank you for the fine job your crews did on drilling my water well and the installation of the pump and equipment. Your drilling crew, as well as your installation crew conducted themselves in a professional manner. They were hard-working, focused on a quality job, very polite and genuinely concerned about customer satisfaction. There was no horse play at all and your crews exhibited a high level of teamwork. The well is performing well and everyone who sees the installation comments on how nice and neat it is. I am very satisfied with the work performed at my home and hope that you will refer others to me if you need a recommendation or reference in the future. My next well will be drilled by Bee Cave Drilling!

Ray Bearden

January 17, 2013
From a phone call to our office…
“Mac was a delight to work with. I really appreciate him taking the time to answer my questions about the well. I’m sure that my husband Mike will have some additional questions for Mac since he wasn’t able to make the inspection!”

Peggy McDonell

November26, 2012
Thanks for the great service!! We will be repeat customers for sure!!!

Julie Crawford

November 20,2012
Thank you Christy…Thanks for the very quick repairs to our well/tank system. We will keep your company’s information handy in case we are in need of your service again!

Randy Targhetta

October 30, 2012
Lari and I wanted to send Y’all a heartfelt Thank You for taking such good care of our situation with our well. Right from my first visit to your office last week, when we first noticed the well acting up, you guys have treated me like a neighbor would, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you’ve done. From those first phone calls from Robert who helped me get the well going, we had water for a few more days. He told me that it may be the pump going out, and I was semi-prepared for the news when it finally did. You all bring back pride to small businesses and to the American worker again. You should be very proud.
It’s nice to know that when I recommend Bee Cave Drilling in the future, that I can do so comfortably, with complete confidence and trust. You, Jim, and Mack helped get this problem solved very efficiently. Y’all answered all my questions and I knew what was going to happen from the beginning to the end, step by step. And any questions that I didn’t ask at the office, the guys that pulled the pump answered for me out at the house. I especially want to say thank you to Mike, Rick, and Derek the men that came out to change the pump. It’s nice when folks come to your house to do a job and they arrive when they said they will, and do what they said they would, and display a professional attitude and work ethic while performing their job, as your men did today. Respect and manners are a rare quality seen nowadays and these men were nothing but Pros all the way. Should any prospective customer require a reference in the future, please do not hesitate to call.

Another Happy Customer,
Lewis and Lari Whitten

October 12, 2012
Thanks for a great job! Have enjoyed getting to meet all of the guys who came out. They were so courteous and friendly and seemed to really enjoy their work–something you don’t see very often these days.

Thanks again,
The Moores

October 8, 2012
From a phone call to our office…
Paula Crider called to thank you so much for the wonderful service. Jared was out and is always polite. She can always count on Bee Cave Drillings service.

August 20, 2012
John and I want you to know how valued your company is and your team is to us and in this neighborhood. Thank you very much for the help and the great work of all the men involved in fixing our well. The weekend crew was so nice, as we were sorry to have to call on a weekend, and then the weekday crew that came to finish up was great. They were ALL so knowledgeable and skilled and great to work with all helping and supportive of each other to solve the problem! They all worked well together and genuinely enjoyed each other and were so informative, helping John and especially me understand the problem. They are a great group of guys and a good team. I especially want to let you know that your newest well man did a really great job! I was surprised to learn that this was his first time out in the field. They got us up and running and we were so happy for their hard work on our behalf, as without clean water it is impossible, and we as a society often take it for granted.
I hope our troubles will be over with our well for a while. We are considering your recommendations regarding some adaptations we may be able to do in the future. Please give our best wishes to Mac!

Again, thank you very much
Susan and John Teague

August 8, 2012 (Angie’s List)
I called Bee Cave Drilling about a well problem. Two hours later, Jared was at my door. In less than an hour, he had water pumping from my well. He was personable and professional fixed me up for a reasonable fee. Bee Caves always be my choice.
Jared from Bee Caves Drilling arrived within two hours of my calling. He inspected my well pump and determined that my lack of water was due to a faulty pressure switch. He fixed the problem in less than an hour and I now have water for all those necessary functions.

Daniel Straub

August 3, 2012 (Angie’s List)
I was having well problems. I called the company I have used for years to assist. To their credit they brought a water trailer out right away so we did not have to do without water. This was on a Friday Night. On Monday they pulled my equipment out of the well and took the pump to their shops to test the pump. When they returned and reinstalled the equipment they were concerned about the low flow of water coming from the well. They decided to pull the equipment out and inspect for malfunctions. It was during this process of extracting the pump and pipe when something broke and the electrical wire pump and drill pipe got dropped down the well. While they did their level best they were unable extract my equipment. They suspected a pipe collapse and I was told my well would have to be plugged and abandoned.
My neighbor advised me to contact Bee Caves Drilling. Bee Caves Drilling suggested we TV the well, i.e. drop a TV camera down the well to view the area. The charge was $200.00. A new well is 22K. It was worth the risk.
The crew arrived on time, and were polite and professional. Not only did the TV reveal the problem but their tech told me he was very positive he could fish my equipment out and save the well. What he suggested was to hire them for three hours to attempt extraction. If unsuccessful in that time frame, than we could decide next steps. Not only did he succeed in fishing all of my equipment out, he did it during the estimated time frame. We are now moving forward to bring the well back on line.
While Bee Caves Drilling is not the cheapest driller/ well service organization in this area they have made the investment in tools and equipment to get the job done right. I have no hesitation recommending them to other home owners in the Dripping Springs area.

Wlliam Kittle

August 2, 2012 (Angie’s List)
Robert, the technician diagnosed my well pumping failure to be failing control run and start capacitors.
Early Thursday morning, 8/2/2012, I went to start some laundry washing when I noticed I could not get water from my well. After checking the obvious breaker switches and resetting the Pumptec Plus pump saver, I decided to call for help. The original well installer was listed in Angies List but was rated poorly so I chose Bee Cave Drilling. The folks on the other end of the line were extremely helpful and talked me through several more troubleshooting procedures. It was decided that I would need a service call. I was also delighted to find out that a technician was in the area and was able to come within the hour to at least diagnose the problem and order parts, if need be. Robert arrived within an hour, diagnosed the problem and replaced the failing parts with what he had on his truck. I fully realize that this service call should have taken a lot longer. I was just lucky that someone was nearby and took the time to stop by and check it out. Bee Cave Drilling went above and beyond to help me. I am extremely grateful. Thank you Bee Cave Drilling.

Eugene Pace

July 20, 2012
Your crews were excellent yesterday. They reflect great leadership. Your estimate looks good. Thank you for your professionalism.

Joseph Cabela

July 20, 2012
From a phone call to our office…
Anita, Professor at UT, was very complimentary of our crews. She said they did a great job and were very professional. She especially appreciated the way they interacted with her young son who wanted to watch everything they did. They were very patient with him. She plans to refer us to her friends and neighbors.

June 25, 2012
Bedrock Stone would like to thank Bee Cave Drilling for their quick response and Jared was quick to take charge of the job and very detailed.

Mel and Kerzon

June 21, 2012
Mac came out and explained exactly what I needed to know…not too much information, but enough so that I understood the nature of the beast. We’ve got some work to do this weekend-UGH. But thanks for the quick response to my day in my (dry) hour of need! See you soon.

Jen McGahan

March 16, 2012
Hope your Friday is going well. Please extend my thanks to your drilling team. They were absolutely great. Looking forward to final hook up and becoming a”Raving Fan”of Bee Cave Drilling.

Ed Tasch

January 4, 2012 (Angie’s List)
They drilled my water well and installed a solar powered pump. They did an excellent job from start to finish.

Ron Petru

August 19, 2011 (Angie’s List)
Important installation of a pump saver electronic device that monitors the flow of current from inside the electric panel to protect the well pump for burning up if the water level drops too low or the well becomes dry, preventing an expensive repair.I called the company one afternoon. A real person answers the phone, answers direct questions, and clearly explains the appointment process. They appear quite honest in their recommendations. The tech was prompt, called my home 30 minutes before arrival to confirm.

Richard Armenta

August 17, 2011
Dear Jennifer,
Thanks for a great job!

Very truly yours,
Mike Willatt
Willatt & Flickinger
Attorneys at Law

August 17, 2011
Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Bruce and Anne Thevenot

August 12, 2011
I just wanted to let you know that everyone there did a really great job for us! We’re thrilled to have water again and appreciate that all the guys bent over backward to make sure we got it- in spite of having to work in 106 degree temperatures. We’re also really happy that it was all done within the estimate Greg gave us. That’s sort of a surprise these days. And, as a side note, out cat Boris is also very happy with them because now that we have water, he’s allowed to drink out of the kitchen faucet again!

Thanks again!
Susie Waite

August 4, 2011
Phone message from a customer that called Jamye- Office Coordinator
I spoke with Ruth Miller today. She told me that she so appreciated everyone with our company being so nice to her. Darrell was out at her home and he gave her excellent customer service. She had a bad experience with another company, but said she would be sure to recommend us to people. Go Darrell!! Go Bee Cave Drilling staff!


August 4, 2011
I want to thank Mac for coming out so quickly and getting our water back on. When we were talking about putting a tank in he was looking at our current installation and he noticed some bare wires going from the garage to the well. I asked him to include repair of that with the bid we already have for adding the tank to our well.

Thanks again!
Jeannine Inbody

June 29, 2011
Mac did a great job!


June 11, 2011
Thanks Lee for the invoice and thanks to Jared for his usual intelligent and super competent job.

Hope Phillips

May 20, 2011
I work with Donna Aaldridge, and while assisting her with various matters I had the opportunity to come in contact with Bee Cave Drilling, primarily Jared Thompson, regarding Donna’s lake irrigation system. Jared handled himself in a professional manner and was both knowledgeable and helpful. He represented your company well in my opinion and is just an all around nice guy.

Steve York

May 2, 2011
To All @ Bee Cave Drilling:
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

It’s been a couple of weeks now since the drilling was finished, the old well killed and everything buttoned-up so neatly- way past time to thank you-everyone of you- for the top-to-bottom quality and integrity of your service to us.

It is rare when the signature attitude of a company runs strongly and guilelessly through every person in that company. Yours is one of those few where everybody ‘gets it’. We wish we remembered everybody’s name so that we could thank each of you individually, but that’s beyond us. So, I charge you Jim, with taking everyone’s hand and shaking it so that the care you’ve lavished on us is returned full circle, to all of you.

Thanks for being there!
David, Greta and Alek Fisher

March 23, 2011
Thank you so much for your note. I can’t tell you how rare it is for someone your age (or anyone anymore) to send a hand written note. Most everyone sends e-cards and notes these days, which I find totally unacceptable. We were both so impressed with you when we met you and so was Jose. We look forward to working with you. We wish you nothing but happiness in the future and in your quest to obtain a small piece of the hill country…

Much happiness,
Beverly OHara

March 22, 2011
Your guys Antonio and McKenzie did a great job! Really nice, clean installation. Thanks for your excellent service.

Cathy Attal
Attal Appraisal Service
3301 Red River
Austin, TX 78705

February 4, 2011
I want to tell you how pleased I am with the service your company performed for my family today. Robert was the Service Technician that came out and was awesome. He was able to get us back up with a temporary fix until everything thaws. He was very professional and kind, I am sure he is very tired from the last few days, but all he cared about was taking care of our needs. Please let Robert know that we appreciate his attitude and providing a solution for us. Also, your office was great to communicate with the past 2 days. Everyone I talked to had a great attitude during this tough time.

Marty Weidenbach

February 4, 2011
I want to take a moment and show my appreciation for your technician Robert. He came out the night before last and worked hard after hours with a heat gun, tediously thawing out my pipes in below freezing weather to no avail. I then called him back today with more information about my well and he immediately shot over to my house and went to work. This time understanding the history of my well we were able to troubleshoot successfully, getting my water running again.

I am a property adjuster who knows what it is to deal with irritated and demanding customers that have experienced damages to their homes. At no point did Robert make me feel he was in a rush or frustrated with his work load or that he had to come back out, in face I felt as if he carried the weight of not being able to fix it the first time. All of his consideration was well received and noticed and I just wanted to say THANKS!!! Bee Cave Drilling will be my company that I use from here on out. It will also be the company that I recommend. Thanks again!!

Kris Bates
Eagle Adjusting Services, Inc.

February 3, 2011
Hi Jennifer and Jim,
I wanted to say a BIG thank you to Jared and Steve. They came out to help me with my well pump pipes that busted from the freeze. I had been out of town for several days and my husband is away on business for a month and when I heard about the freeze I rushed home to make sure our home was OK. I have a five month old son and it is stressful enough when everything is working normally around here, but to not have water is a real issue. We called right away and Jared and Steve came out and helped me get the pipes to thaw. Later in the evening it turned out that the pipes were busted and I called Jared and he was in the middle of a huge job, but assured me he would get to me. He and Steve arrived around 7:30 p.m., got my pipe replaced and I now have running water! They were outside in the freezing cold and sleet and every time I went to check on them they never complained, they simply carried on with their work. I am emailing you tonight with running water and I am so thankful to your great employees. Sadly, it is not often that you run across a company that actually cares about their customers, but Jared and Steve genuinely seemed concerned that my son and I were taken care of. Please give them a pat on the back…they deserve it! Many thanks!

Your customer for life,
Alison B.

December 21, 2010
To whom it may concern:
When Sun City Community Association decided to drill water wells we really had no idea how to start. I began by contacting Jim Blair from Bee Cave Drilling, Jim’s passion about water wells and his unselfish sharing of knowledge allowed us to create an RFP, which was sent to five Well Drillers.
Jim’s company was not the cheapest, however, I felt they were the best fit for Sun City! Boy was I right… Bee Cave Drilling was then contracted to drill five water wells. These wells needed to be drilled and engineered to pull water from the Trinity aquifer, which in our area is as deep as 1000 feet.
During the period Bee Cave was on site Jim proved to be an effective communicator, supplying daily updates, pictures and videos of the ongoing progress, keeping us in the loop every step of the way.
Jim coordinated the drilling of multiple wells at one time, enabling the project to come in on time.
So impressed by the job Bee Cave did, the Property and Grounds Committee, Finance Committee and the Board of Directors contracted a sixth well.
It is for these reasons I offer high recommendations for Jim Blair and his company Bee Cave Drilling. Jim’s drive and abilities will truly be an asset to any drilling project. If you have any questions about this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

David Hahn
Director of Facilities Maintenance
Sun City Community Association

December 5, 2010
Dear Jennifer,
I’m writing to compliment your company and particularly the two young men that came to my house to replace my well pump and motor. Jared and Steve were professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable. As a first time well owner, they shared a lot of valuable information with me and answered all my many questions. They worked hard and did the job in less time than originally estimated.
To date, all of my contacts with Bee Cave Drilling have been very positive and I would not hesitate to call on your company again should the need arise.

Richard Stone

October 29, 2010
Thanks so much for all the people in this company! God Bless all of you!

Jan Hagan

September 13, 2010
Do you have a carpenter you would recommend? We have a door which has a large glass insert, the bottom (below the glass) of which is rotten. We need someone who would be willing to fix the door.
And again, thank you so much or the lead to Mike @ Greenwave Plumbing, one of your Preferred Partners.
We trust your judgment!

David and Greta Fisher

September 1, 2010
As usual, we’re in a water jam. It’s NOT the well this time but it’s a related problem which we desperately hope – because we’ve come to trust you guys – that you can steer us towards a plumber who might be able to staunch a sneaky leak which is, slowly, inundating our guest room rug (about 1.5 gallons every 2 hours). Please, this is serious.
Also, our water softener system has stopped working. Any leads in that department would also be welcome!

Thank you,
David Fisher

February 10, 2010
To whom it may concern:
Bee Cave Drilling, Inc. drilled a 6″well for us located on our property at the Shops at the Gallerias. They were very knowledgeable and did what they said they were going to do. They finished the well ahead of time. The well has performed better than we expected. If we had any questions on the operation of the well they were prompt in giving us answers and showing us anything we needed to know. We are pleased with the courtesy and professionalism that we received from everyone at Bee Cave Drilling.

Daniel Machiela
Construction/Maintenance Manager
Christopher Investment Company, Inc.

February 20, 2009
Dear Jim and Crew:
I wanted to thank you and your wonderful crew at Bee Cave Drilling for your time, consideration, and professionalism when drilling our well at the farm. Every individual was very friendly, courteous, and helpful. Jim, I so appreciate your willingness to go the extra mile to get us water. It is so refreshing to see men who exemplify a Christ-like attitude and work ethic. The fruit of the Spirit is quite evidential in how you conduct your business.
Thank you once again and my God bless you and your families and I pray God’s blessing and prosperity on your business.

Dave Williams
Crowe’s Nest Farm
Animal Life Center

June 27, 2008
Dear Mr. Blair,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service that was given to my wife and me on Tuesday and Wednesday. We met with your Service Manager at your office on Tuesday and he was able to get our well started for us Wednesday on short notice.
All the people that we dealt with at your company have been extremely helpful and courteous to us and we look forward to your company finishing the remaining work of putting the pump saver and pressure release valve to the well, and service our well in the future when needed.

Very truly yours,
Donald F. Maierson

June 14, 2008
Jim & the Crew,
Thanks for an excellent experience with our new water well. Bee Cave turned a bad situation into a happy ending! I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone at Bee Cave. I’ll stop by to say”Hello”the next time I’m in Dripping Springs.

God Bless!!
Mike Rohan

I just wanted to thank you a million times for helping me out last week when I was out of town. NO WATER is a real problem and you guys were the best! Thanks for dripping everything and heading right over. It is so easy to refer your guys cuz you always come through!!!

Thanks again!
Tina Lulfs

Thank you so much for the work you did on our well. I am so appreciative of your time and hard work! You are a wonderful neighbor and friend. I hope we can return the favor and help you in some way sometime soon.

Peggy and Myron

October 21, 2005
Dear Jim,
I am very pleased and impressed with the way you handle your business. Your diagnosis of my water well problem was on the money, and the final cost was within a few dollars of the estimate you gave me.
Your crew (Greg and Josh) arrived on time and wasted no time in completing the project. They conducted themselves very professionally and were most willing to explain my options regarding the repairs.
Previous experiences with two of your competitors was, to say the lease, disappointing and I was not looking forward to asking either of them back. Fortunately, a strong recommendation from Neill Sarris of Tech Right Service sent me to your company…I’m glad I took Neill’s advice!
Jim, thanks for solving my problem. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Harry S. Parten
HSP, Inc.

Dear Mr. Blair,
Thank you very much for your contribution of my project at the Hays County Livestock Show. Your contribution will make it possible for me to pursue further projects in Dripping Springs 4H Club. I will set aside a portion of your contribution for my college fund and the rest will be used for feeding, care and purchase of my next animals.
The most memorable thing that happened this year was when I was out in the barn, I opened the gate and my sisters’ pig ran under my legs and out into the yard. I thought I was going to get in trouble but all I had to do was shake some feed to get her back in the pen.

Thank you again for your generosity,
Colten C.

Dear Jim:
… I want to let you know how grateful my wife and I are that you were able to “fish” our pump out. Believe me, I was real skeptical when you “boasted” that you folks could get things up out of the ground that others couldn’t. As shared with you, two (2) other companies tried but in vain. In fact, the last concluded, “You’re going to have to drill another well, Mister.” I’m not a real gambler and don’t take chances much, but the confidence you displayed in praising the efforts of your team, made me think–let’s go ahead and take a chance. Sure glad we did! Your team, Greg, Bernardo, and Antonio, are incredible! They dove right into the task and never let up until the pump was lying on the ground beside the well shaft. Never stopped for a break–never said it was lunch time–in fact, never said NEVER! After each failed attempt, they came up with another method to try to get the pump out. But as time went on, I was starting to doubt them, especially after 4 hours of “almost” and nothing. Then FINALLY, that first joint of 1 1/4 inch well pipe showed up at the surface and I just let out a big ole sigh of relief. You see, I had already told my wife we are probably going to be drilling another well, but at the sight of the pipe, I went back in the house and shouted to her that “we’re going to have water tonight.” She wasn’t feeling good that day, but when told the pump was coming up, she came outside to watch them bring it out.
The team immediately took measures and put the new pump in place. At 7:30 PM that evening, we had clear running water in our home. I can’t say enough about those men’s efforts. They are to be commended!
I also want to let you know how fortunate I feel that we “lucked” out and got your company to handle this task. If I hadn’t talked to you, Number 1: We would have put in a pump that would not have given us the results that was required or we wanted; Number 2: We would not have the “Continuous Flow System” that is in place now. I can already see the improvement in the pressure; Number 3: The electrical breaker controlling the energy to the well would STILL be located inside the garage, which as you pointed out, wouldn’t do us a bit of good if the house ever caught on fire (Heaven Forbid).
They say things happen for a reason. I say, “Things started happening when you and your team arrived.” Please share this with your team. Now we say, “YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST!!”

Bill & MaryAnn Steffek
Oatmeal, TX

September 22, 2003
Dear Jim:
I am writing to express my enthusiasm for your recently installed Goulds pump. It is remarkably quiet, efficient, and the water pressure is excellent without any variance of pressure, even under heavy usage.
I sincerely appreciate your knowledge in making this new product available to me, and am most grateful for the expedient and professional manner in which you and your employees drilled my well. It is truly a luxury to have a reliable source of water in the hill country. Your company exemplifies qualities which are indeed rare in this day and age: honesty, integrity, and an obvious pride in a job well done. Please feel free to use my name as a recommender for both the pump, and for your incomparable professionalism.

Paula A. Crider
Professor Emeritus
The University of Texas Longhorn Bands.

Dear Jim:
Just a note to let you know we were very pleased with your work and attitude. We will gladly recommend you to others.

Steve & Darcy Howell

To Jim & the gang,
Thank you for your prompt service. The two young men who made the installation were personable, and diligent about their work. Hopefully, I won’t need it serviced, but, if I do, I will surely call Bee Cave Drilling.

Peter Barbour