April 15, 2018

5 Stars! They actually called me back on a holiday weekend!

Lora W.

April 9, 2018

Just a note of thanks for your quick response in scheduling the Lost Springs Ranch Water Supply Corporation service and repairs last week. It may be the first time a well problem caused water service to stop completely to our neighborhood, and we are grateful for the service provided by our operator, PGMS Inc., and by Bee Cave Drilling’s quick diagnosis of and solution to the problem. Your expertise and service are greatly appreciated. Sincerely,
The LSR WSC Board of Directors
-Boyd, Matt, Marlie, Davie, Ana, and Mike

Lost Springs Ranch

April 6, 2018

Just wanted to once again give a big “thank you” to Bee Cave Drilling…had a little problem with my pressure pump – called and talked to Jim (owner answered the phone on the second ring – thank you very much) and told him what was going on. Without hesitation he said they would be out that same day to fix the problem…and sure enough, not 2 hours later I got a call from the tech letting me know he was on the way out. They drilled my well originally about 4 years ago, and what couple times I’ve called with questions/problems I’ve always received prompt and professional service. It’s just great to know that such companies (a reflection of the owner) are truly professionally competent and understand customer service as well. I will continue to recommend them whenever I get the opportunity. Thanks again Bee Cave Drilling…

Jeff Steele

March 09, 2018 All,
I spent quite a bit of time on Ryan’s drill site yesterday. The customer said that he has been watching Ryan, Matthew, and Kyle work all week. He is a boss on a construction site, so he knows how things go on jobsites with some guys. He said our guys never looked up. Even though I wasn’t there to watch them, they worked very hard all the time. He said they never stopped giving every effort to do the job. And, the results show that they did work hard. They did a 5 day job in four days… even with the rig down for 1 day. So, Ryan, Matthew, and Kyle, thanks for making me proud. You did a great job this week.

Jim Blair

February 06, 2018

Quality work and easy to communicate with. I needed some help with my well and they came out that day. They literally went the extra mile to save me money. I would definitely recommend them.

Ryan Snedigar

January 11, 2018

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased I am with the service I received from Hunter and Luther. These two guys were very professional, and they took the time to install the repairs and equipment to my property with true professionalism. They explained things as they went along, so I could understand the inner workings of the system. This is my brother’s property which I’m currently managing and I was unaware of how the well system was set up. These guys explained everything to me and they also set up the system to protect itself from future issues which caused me to need your services. Because these guys so impressed me, I wanted you to know that you have two great employees and I would have felt bad if I didn’t provide feedback.

If ever someone needs well service I will recommend your company based on the service that I received.

DeWayne Lofton

December 15, 2017

Way to go Hunter, Kyle P and Chris! Glen Alter said that you guys did an awesome job…Great Job!

Glen Alter

December 6, 2017

James Cox told us what a great job ya’ll did. Lots of knowledge! He will use us and refer us to people!

James Cox

November 9, 2017

Your guy, Chris, is a really valuable asset.

David Dunlap

October 30, 2017

Hunter was very helpful and knowledgeable. It’s so hard to find good help these days, but you’ve got it!

Brandon Edgar

October 25, 2017

Thank you. These guys (Hunter and Kyle P.) were so nice. I went out there yesterday and they both explained things and did it with enthusiasm!

Alison Withers

October 9, 2017

From a phone call to our office…

Barry and Ross deserve a gold star- impressed on professionalism and just great guys!

Louis Herlin

October 6, 2017

Had a great experience with Bee Cave Drilling this past week. Daily cost est. updates, work done quickly, nice young men doing the work. Called Rick at AquaPro (Nextdoor rec.) even though he came out quickly he couldn’t perform the work as his truck was in the shop. I’m sure that’s corrected by now, although his recommendation never called back. In the world of well pump replacements you do not have time to wait, so I called my friends over at BCD and they did not disappoint. Pump was not in stock so I had to wait a day then the rain happened but they helped me connect to neighbor (THANKS AGAIN LILLIAN!) and were back out the very next morning. My one suggestion to everyone is make sure you have a clear path of access for a truck to get adjacent to your well, no matter who is doing the work. Luckily we bought the property behind us which they accessed thru, otherwise 1 side of the house would have lost all the trees to gain access via my chainsaw.

Bryan Bailey, Saddletree Ranch

October 6, 2017

From a phone call to our office…

Aaron Schaab was very impressed and he will be giving us a lot of work once they close on their house!

Aaron Schaab

September 13, 2017

From a phone call to our office… Stephen Case very happy about how quick Alex responded on Saturday and how took the time to show him how to hook up his system if water is out.
Also very pleased we were able to pull and replace his well pump in 2 days.
He said that Alex and all of the crew were great!

Stephen Case

August 14, 2017

These folks rock. I have used them for 20 years and they are sweet, reliable and they do what they say they will do. I spent a whole day with them on a Friday working well into the night to repair my well. Nice to come across a business that just takes care of the issue without all the nonsense and smoke and mirrors. Happy to write something positive for those who deserve it.

Robert Caridi

August 1, 2017

Jim and the guys at Bee Cave Drilling did a wonderful job for us. No one has more experience in the area, and they used this knowledge to give us a very accurate and competitive quote. His crew worked diligently to avoid damage (a drilling rig is heavy!) and they were very polite and hardworking. Not only that, but Jim was great at keeping us in the loop on a minor schedule change so that there was no fallout. Now I have to tell you a little secret. My wife and I are both geologists, which means that we were tough customers. We peppered Jim and his drillers with all sorts of technical questions, and it was very clear that these guys know what they are doing.
Don’t waste your time with less experienced drillers. You won’t end up saving money anyway. I recommend Bee Cave Drilling without reservation.

Thomas Griffith

July 28, 2017


Kristin and I wanted to thank you guys again for working late to get the job done even after hitting problems. We know it was a late night for the whole crew and we appreciate their effort. We are very happy to be on path to getting water setup.

Chris F.

July 07, 2017

Outstanding customer service! They did a good job with my well inspection so I called early Saturday morning when my well pump went out. Within an hour I got two calls back and Alexander walked me through the trouble shooting so I could fix it myself at no cost. Very friendly and helpful, definitely earned themselves a repeat customer.

Carter C.

June 22, 2017

Great experience. Kevin and team were very responsive and available and professional. Highly recommend if you are planning a well.

T. Lam

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