September 13, 2013
From a phone call to our office…
I wanted to pass along two phone rave reviews that I received from Brent Hartmann and Dan Desposito! Mr. Hartmann said that he was so impressed with Bubba and Hunter, they did a great job and he wanted to thank you guys for following up with him 2 hours later! Mr. Desposito wanted to thank Derek, Mike & Chris for their great service, he thinks that we have a great team (I definitely agree!) Great job guys…Fantastic follow up too!

August 13, 2013

Thank you so much for everything! Really appreciate all of your hard work, and all of the thought you put into our project. Kevin has to be my favorite sub-contractor I’ve ever worked with. It was a breath of fresh air to work with him. He always does what he says he is going to do allowing me to focus on other things that needed to be done. His honesty is extremely admirable. He is a FIRST CLASS FELLA. Feel lucky to have met him. If you ever want a great referral, I’m your guy. Best wishes to all of you! Fantastic job Kevin and to all of you who worked at the job site…Thank you so much!! Cliff Harbour

July 18, 2013
From a phone call to our office
I wanted to pass along another rave review that I received over the phone this afternoon. Tamera Kordowski called us just minutes after Mac left her house and said: “mac was so thorough and kind, he’s the kind of people that I like to be around. He even showed me how to get rid of the armadillo’s that I have in my yard!” She said that she will definitely use us in the future…Thanks so much Mac!

July 11, 2013
I have to say – your guys are so wonderful and sweet with my parents and I know my folks tend to engage them in long conversations but they are always so very patient and courteous. It’s appreciated – please share my thoughts with them.

Melynda Caudle

May 16, 2013
From a phone call to our office…
Irma Moreno called and said the drillers were great! They were friendly and helpful. They did a great job trimming the trees and sealing the cuts. She said if Bee Cave Drilling ever needs a reference to call her.

April 30,2013
Hi Christy.
Wanted to take a moment and thank you and Jim and everyone at Bee Cave Drilling for the great job and pleasant experience. Mike, Robby, and Bubba did an excellent job! They were timely knowledgeable professional and provided great customer service. Mike and Robby responded immediately to my call on Saturday and were quickly able to diagnose the problem that day. Bubba and Robby also showed up as expected on Monday morning with a prior phone call to let me know they were on their way. They were able to pull and replace the pump and motor expediently, efficiently and kept me informed every step of the way. I greatly appreciate your honest and professional service and look forward to recommending you to all who need you. Thanks again.

Stratton Weekley

March 27, 2013
Received review from Robert (Diagnostic Technician)
I was just out at Pat McAleenan’s in Liberty Hill and she made a point of telling me how much she appreciated Christy’s warm and genuine attitude in handling her problem. She said that she has worked in customer service a long time and that it is rare to find someone that really shows their care for the customer. She wanted me to tell Jim that he is lucky to have Christy. Good job Christy!

March 13, 2013
From a phone call to our office…
Thank you Christy, I just wanted to tell you what a great job the crew did. We were so pleased with the work and we added a good review on Angie’s list. We will be calling you for work on the float and a few other things that the crew recommended as soon as we get the power turned on.

Sue Babcock

March 11, 2013
From a phone call to our office…
Last week Jared, Mike, & Derek changed her pump. She kept going on and on about how good they were and how nice and how awesome they were.

Janet Snyder

March 5, 2013
Thank you so much for going above an beyond to provide great customer service. I don’t know of any other company that would take the time to shoot an instructional video for a single customer. I am really wow’d by the service. Jared contacted me and also gave me more information regarding other options I might want to take advantage of in the future. I will definitely keep them in mind as I develop the property. Again, hats off to you and the staff at Bee Cave Drilling!


February 28, 2013
Hey Jim,
I was having issues with my pump inside my storage tank. Turns out the PVC connection to the pump has failed. I called Bee Cave just to get an idea of how to pull the pump out of the tank most effectively without damaging anything. I believe it was Jared who I spoke to for about 15 minutes yesterday. He did a great job of explaining to me how everything was setup and ideas and solutions on to fix things. I felt he went above and beyond and I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated it.


February 15, 2013
I want to thank you for the fine job your crews did on drilling my water well and the installation of the pump and equipment. Your drilling crew, as well as your installation crew conducted themselves in a professional manner. They were hard-working, focused on a quality job, very polite and genuinely concerned about customer satisfaction. There was no horse play at all and your crews exhibited a high level of teamwork. The well is performing well and everyone who sees the installation comments on how nice and neat it is. I am very satisfied with the work performed at my home and hope that you will refer others to me if you need a recommendation or reference in the future. My next well will be drilled by Bee Cave Drilling! Sincerely,
Ray Bearden

January 17, 2013
From a phone call to our office…
“Mac was a delight to work with. I really appreciate him taking the time to answer my questions about the well. I’m sure that my husband Mike will have some additional questions for Mac since he wasn’t able to make the inspection!”

Peggy McDonell

November26, 2012
Thanks for the great service!! We will be repeat customers for sure!!!

Julie Crawford

November 20,2012
Thank you Christy…Thanks for the very quick repairs to our well/tank system. We will keep your company’s information handy in case we are in need of your service again!

Regards, Randy Targhetta

October 30, 2012
Lari and I wanted to send Y’all a heartfelt Thank You for taking such good care of our situation with our well. Right from my first visit to your office last week, when we first noticed the well acting up, you guys have treated me like a neighbor would, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you’ve done. From those first phone calls from Robert who helped me get the well going, we had water for a few more days. He told me that it may be the pump going out, and I was semi-prepared for the news when it finally did. You all bring back pride to small businesses and to the American worker again. You should be very proud.
It’s nice to know that when I recommend Bee Cave Drilling in the future, that I can do so comfortably, with complete confidence and trust. You, Jim, and Mack helped get this problem solved very efficiently. Y’all answered all my questions and I knew what was going to happen from the beginning to the end, step by step. And any questions that I didn’t ask at the office, the guys that pulled the pump answered for me out at the house. I especially want to say thank you to Mike, Rick, and Derek the men that came out to change the pump. It’s nice when folks come to your house to do a job and they arrive when they said they will, and do what they said they would, and display a professional attitude and work ethic while performing their job, as your men did today. Respect and manners are a rare quality seen nowadays and these men were nothing but Pros all the way. Should any prospective customer require a reference in the future, please do not hesitate to call. Another Happy Customer,
Lewis and Lari Whitten

October 12, 2012
Thanks for a great job! Have enjoyed getting to meet all of the guys who came out. They were so courteous and friendly and seemed to really enjoy their work-something you don’t see very often these days. Thanks again,
The Moores

October 8, 2012
From a phone call to our office…
Paula Crider called to thank you so much for the wonderful service. Jared was out and is always polite. She can always count on Bee Cave Drillings service.

August 20, 2012
John and I want you to know how valued your company is and your team is to us and in this neighborhood. Thank you very much for the help and the great work of all the men involved in fixing our well. The weekend crew was so nice, as we were sorry to have to call on a weekend, and then the weekday crew that came to finish up was great. They were ALL so knowledgeable and skilled and great to work with all helping and supportive of each other to solve the problem! They all worked well together and genuinely enjoyed each other and were so informative, helping John and especially me understand the problem. They are a great group of guys and a good team. I especially want to let you know that your newest well man did a really great job! I was surprised to learn that this was his first time out in the field. They got us up and running and we were so happy for their hard work on our behalf, as without clean water it is impossible, and we as a society often take it for granted.
I hope our troubles will be over with our well for a while. We are considering your recommendations regarding some adaptations we may be able to do in the future. Please give our best wishes to Mac! Again, thank you very much
Susan and John Teague

August 8, 2012 (Angie’s List)
I called Bee Cave Drilling about a well problem. Two hours later, Jared was at my door. In less than an hour, he had water pumping from my well. He was personable and professional fixed me up for a reasonable fee. Bee Caves always be my choice.
Jared from Bee Caves Drilling arrived within two hours of my calling. He inspected my well pump and determined that my lack of water was due to a faulty pressure switch. He fixed the problem in less than an hour and I now have water for all those necessary functions.

Daniel Straub

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