February 16, 2016 I was very pleased with Alex’s work. The system is very complicated and he took the time to understand what was going on, get the water up and running and explain it to me.
I look forward to getting the well inspection report and the quote for the necessary additional work.

Shirley Sandoz

February 11, 2016 When your well shuts down, that’s lemons. When you call Bee Cave Drilling, that’s lemonade!
Thank you for being there when we need you!

LeRoy and Kaye Banda

February 11, 2016

Jared, Thanks for the picture show on our Glen Rose Well- Still think I should have popped corn for that one…Ha!
I appreciate your help and advice on what I should do!!


Rob and Donna Beeman

February 10, 2016

Hello Team,

I just wanted to say how pleased I was with Alexander yesterday. He was a pleasure to work with. He was very helpful and full of information. I feel like he went beyond the call of duty with his sharing of info for my temporary water system needs during the rebuild phase after the fire that we had a few months ago. I have always been happy with my experience with Bee Cave Drilling. Alexander was another fine example of that terrific service you guys provide.


Mitch Mann

February 09, 2016

Thank you for the repairs! I am your biggest cheerleader!

Brian Bailey

Brian Bailey Homes

January 20, 2016

From a phone call to our office…

Way to go Mike, Nick, Ty, Charles, Barry and Brian!

Luke Blair said that he enjoyed working with us on his water well project. He said that the communication was awesome and that the guys were great. He is very happy with the water system that we built for him!

Luke Blair

January 11, 2016

To Everyone,

Thank you very much for doing our repairs on an emergency basis! I was out of town in Florida and no one at Bee Cave Drilling knew who I was. You performed the repairs and did not even ask for a credit card to pay in advance. I appreciate your trust that I would make good on my payment responsibilities. Your customer service could not have been any better!


Richard Dickenson

January 7, 2016

From a phone call to our office…

Congrats Kevin, Mike, Charles and Nick! Jason White from Partners in Building could not tell us enough about what a great job you guys did (he was especially appreciative for his Project Manager Kevin!) He said that all of the guys were simply the best he had ever worked with on any construction project!
Way to go guys you make us proud!

Jason White (Partners in Building)

December 21, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Greg Johnson said that he really appreciated the time that Charles spent on the phone with him on Saturday, explaining to him his system. He will always call us!

Greg Johnson

December 9, 2015

I met Chris on-site and he was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful in explaining what he was doing and how things worked! It was a learning experience for me, appreciate you guys getting this done promptly and with little fuss! Amy, Mark, call Chris if you’d like his take on the status or operation of the water well system! Very helpful…

Tim Rebouche (Homecity Real Estate)

December 3, 2015

I highly recommend Bee Cave Drilling, they’re kind, fast service and professional…Great service.

Javier H.

November 19, 2015

I needed emergency repair service when the water stopped flowing to the house one morning. Bee Cave Drilling called me back right away and was able to work me in to their schedule by early afternoon. Unfortunately, what I initially believed to be a blown pressure valve turned out to be much more serious. I essentially needed to replace my entire system. The system was 15 years old so I knew it was coming due, just didn’t expect it all at once so suddenly (recently purchased this home). Bee Cave Drilling was excellent about explaining to me the procedures, equipment, and warranty information. They completed the job in a very timely manner and were even able to work with me regarding payment issues. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them again as I intend to install a reserve tank when my budget allows.

Sherri S.

November 3, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Awesome job Chris! Brad Donaldson said that you were very knowledgeable and he felt very assured with you doing the repairs. He will be contacting us at a later date when he is ready to repair 2 other wells he has at his business!

Brad Donaldson

October 28, 2015

Thanks so much! Ps. Alexander, and really everyone I’ve talked to at your company are all super nice and extremely helpful! It’s reassuring to find a company like that!

Jenn Herbin

October 23, 2015

Hired them from Houston to major repair relatives well in Georgetown. Everyone I talked to was friendly and professional, and the owner called and discussed the job before go ahead. The well equipment was in terrible shape and my relative is now thrilled with having reliable water service.

Larry K.

October 22, 2015

From a phone call to our office… Richard Mutai could not express enough what a great job ya’ll did. He is very happy with his
well and said it is working better than it ever has. Great team work guys! Ya’ll are the Best of the Best!

Richard Mutai

October 14, 2015

We are in the process of selling our home and as part of the sales process, a prospective buyer contacted your company and arranged for an inspection of our well. Yesterday, Alexander arrived to perform the inspection along with the prospective buyer.

I wanted to pass along our appreciation to Alexander for not only performing a thorough inspection, but for also taking the time to visit with us about wells, water and our specific home water system. For a buyer, a well and home water system can seem rather overwhelming coming from the city to the country. However, your employee took the time to explain how it all works.

Because we did not have a pump saver on our well, and we all agreed we needed one, Alexander contacted his boss to see if he could extend his time on site and get the devise installed. Getting this work performed right away, vs. scheduling another visit, was very helpful to me as the seller. Your employee helped make the inspection educational and by the time he left he had discussed the inspection with us and had helped me by getting the pump saver installed.

Please pass along our appreciation to Alexander, and I wanted to thank you for having such a knowledgeable employee.

Charles Hall

October 6, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

I just received a call from Thomas Playfair with Lonestar Paving.He raved about the storage tank system that we installed, but he was even more impressed with the work that Alex did. He said he could tell that Alex had pride in his work and that he took the time to do the job right. Good job Alex!

Thomas Playfair

September 29, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Just wanted to say thank you for your impressive service josh is a great asset to you and the company

Steve Ridenour

September 25, 2015

Chris was an excellent representative of Bee Cave Drilling and a great technician. We appreciate your help.

Have a blessed day!

Gavin Taylor

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