February 4, 2011
I want to tell you how pleased I am with the service your company performed for my family today. Robert was the Service Technician that came out and was awesome. He was able to get us back up with a temporary fix until everything thaws. He was very professional and kind, I am sure he is very tired from the last few days, but all he cared about was taking care of our needs. Please let Robert know that we appreciate his attitude and providing a solution for us. Also, your office was great to communicate with the past 2 days. Everyone I talked to had a great attitude during this tough time. Regards,
Marty Weidenbach

February 4, 2011
I want to take a moment and show my appreciation for your technician Robert. He came out the night before last and worked hard after hours with a heat gun, tediously thawing out my pipes in below freezing weather to no avail. I then called him back today with more information about my well and he immediately shot over to my house and went to work. This time understanding the history of my well we were able to troubleshoot successfully, getting my water running again.

I am a property adjuster who knows what it is to deal with irritated and demanding customers that have experienced damages to their homes. At no point did Robert make me feel he was in a rush or frustrated with his work load or that he had to come back out, in face I felt as if he carried the weight of not being able to fix it the first time. All of his consideration was well received and noticed and I just wanted to say THANKS!!! Bee Cave Drilling will be my company that I use from here on out. It will also be the company that I recommend. Thanks again!! Sincerely,
Kris Bates
Eagle Adjusting Services, Inc.

February 3, 2011
Hi Jennifer and Jim,
I wanted to say a BIG thank you to Jared and Steve. They came out to help me with my well pump pipes that busted from the freeze. I had been out of town for several days and my husband is away on business for a month and when I heard about the freeze I rushed home to make sure our home was OK. I have a five month old son and it is stressful enough when everything is working normally around here, but to not have water is a real issue. We called right away and Jared and Steve came out and helped me get the pipes to thaw. Later in the evening it turned out that the pipes were busted and I called Jared and he was in the middle of a huge job, but assured me he would get to me. He and Steve arrived around 7:30 p.m., got my pipe replaced and I now have running water! They were outside in the freezing cold and sleet and every time I went to check on them they never complained, they simply carried on with their work. I am emailing you tonight with running water and I am so thankful to your great employees. Sadly, it is not often that you run across a company that actually cares about their customers, but Jared and Steve genuinely seemed concerned that my son and I were taken care of. Please give them a pat on the back…they deserve it! Many thanks! Your customer for life,
Alison B.

December 21, 2010
To whom it may concern:
When Sun City Community Association decided to drill water wells we really had no idea how to start. I began by contacting Jim Blair from Bee Cave Drilling, Jim’s passion about water wells and his unselfish sharing of knowledge allowed us to create an RFP, which was sent to five Well Drillers.
Jim’s company was not the cheapest, however, I felt they were the best fit for Sun City! Boy was I right… Bee Cave Drilling was then contracted to drill five water wells. These wells needed to be drilled and engineered to pull water from the Trinity aquifer, which in our area is as deep as 1000 feet.
During the period Bee Cave was on site Jim proved to be an effective communicator, supplying daily updates, pictures and videos of the ongoing progress, keeping us in the loop every step of the way.
Jim coordinated the drilling of multiple wells at one time, enabling the project to come in on time.
So impressed by the job Bee Cave did, the Property and Grounds Committee, Finance Committee and the Board of Directors contracted a sixth well.
It is for these reasons I offer high recommendations for Jim Blair and his company Bee Cave Drilling. Jim’s drive and abilities will truly be an asset to any drilling project. If you have any questions about this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely,
David Hahn
Director of Facilities Maintenance
Sun City Community Association

December 5, 2010
Dear Jennifer,
I’m writing to compliment your company and particularly the two young men that came to my house to replace my well pump and motor. Jared and Steve were professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable. As a first time well owner, they shared a lot of valuable information with me and answered all my many questions. They worked hard and did the job in less time than originally estimated.
To date, all of my contacts with Bee Cave Drilling have been very positive and I would not hesitate to call on your company again should the need arise. Sincerely,
Richard Stone

October 29, 2010
Thanks so much for all the people in this company! God Bless all of you! Sincerely,
Jan Hagan

September 13, 2010
Do you have a carpenter you would recommend? We have a door which has a large glass insert, the bottom (below the glass) of which is rotten. We need someone who would be willing to fix the door.
And again, thank you so much or the lead to Mike @ Greenwave Plumbing, one of your Preferred Partners.
We trust your judgment! Best,
David and Greta Fisher

September 1, 2010
As usual, we’re in a water jam. It’s NOT the well this time but it’s a related problem which we desperately hope – because we’ve come to trust you guys – that you can steer us towards a plumber who might be able to staunch a sneaky leak which is, slowly, inundating our guest room rug (about 1.5 gallons every 2 hours). Please, this is serious.
Also, our water softener system has stopped working. Any leads in that department would also be welcome! Thank you,
David Fisher

February 10, 2010
To whom it may concern:
Bee Cave Drilling, Inc. drilled a 6″well for us located on our property at the Shops at the Gallerias. They were very knowledgeable and did what they said they were going to do. They finished the well ahead of time. The well has performed better than we expected. If we had any questions on the operation of the well they were prompt in giving us answers and showing us anything we needed to know. We are pleased with the courtesy and professionalism that we received from everyone at Bee Cave Drilling. Sincerely,
Daniel Machiela
Construction/Maintenance Manager
Christopher Investment Company, Inc.

February 20, 2009
Dear Jim and Crew:
I wanted to thank you and your wonderful crew at Bee Cave Drilling for your time, consideration, and professionalism when drilling our well at the farm. Every individual was very friendly, courteous, and helpful. Jim, I so appreciate your willingness to go the extra mile to get us water. It is so refreshing to see men who exemplify a Christ-like attitude and work ethic. The fruit of the Spirit is quite evidential in how you conduct your business.
Thank you once again and my God bless you and your families and I pray God’s blessing and prosperity on your business. Gratefully,
Dave Williams
Crowe’s Nest Farm
Animal Life Center

June 27, 2008
Dear Mr. Blair,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service that was given to my wife and me on Tuesday and Wednesday. We met with your Service Manager at your office on Tuesday and he was able to get our well started for us Wednesday on short notice.
All the people that we dealt with at your company have been extremely helpful and courteous to us and we look forward to your company finishing the remaining work of putting the pump saver and pressure release valve to the well, and service our well in the future when needed. Very truly yours,
Donald F. Maierson

June 14, 2008
Jim & the Crew,
Thanks for an excellent experience with our new water well. Bee Cave turned a bad situation into a happy ending! I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone at Bee Cave. I’ll stop by to say”Hello”the next time I’m in Dripping Springs. God Bless!!
Mike Rohan

I just wanted to thank you a million times for helping me out last week when I was out of town. NO WATER is a real problem and you guys were the best! Thanks for dripping everything and heading right over. It is so easy to refer your guys cuz you always come through!!! Thanks again!
Tina Lulfs

Thank you so much for the work you did on our well. I am so appreciative of your time and hard work! You are a wonderful neighbor and friend. I hope we can return the favor and help you in some way sometime soon.

Peggy and Myron

October 21, 2005
Dear Jim,
I am very pleased and impressed with the way you handle your business. Your diagnosis of my water well problem was on the money, and the final cost was within a few dollars of the estimate you gave me.
Your crew (Greg and Josh) arrived on time and wasted no time in completing the project. They conducted themselves very professionally and were most willing to explain my options regarding the repairs.
Previous experiences with two of your competitors was, to say the lease, disappointing and I was not looking forward to asking either of them back. Fortunately, a strong recommendation from Neill Sarris of Tech Right Service sent me to your company…I’m glad I took Neill’s advice!
Jim, thanks for solving my problem. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely,
Harry S. Parten
HSP, Inc.

Dear Mr. Blair,
Thank you very much for your contribution of my project at the Hays County Livestock Show. Your contribution will make it possible for me to pursue further projects in Dripping Springs 4H Club. I will set aside a portion of your contribution for my college fund and the rest will be used for feeding, care and purchase of my next animals.
The most memorable thing that happened this year was when I was out in the barn, I opened the gate and my sisters’ pig ran under my legs and out into the yard. I thought I was going to get in trouble but all I had to do was shake some feed to get her back in the pen. Thank you again for your generosity,
Colten C.

Dear Jim:
… I want to let you know how grateful my wife and I are that you were able to “fish” our pump out. Believe me, I was real skeptical when you “boasted” that you folks could get things up out of the ground that others couldn’t. As shared with you, two (2) other companies tried but in vain. In fact, the last concluded, “You’re going to have to drill another well, Mister.” I’m not a real gambler and don’t take chances much, but the confidence you displayed in praising the efforts of your team, made me think-let’s go ahead and take a chance. Sure glad we did! Your team, Greg, Bernardo, and Antonio, are incredible! They dove right into the task and never let up until the pump was lying on the ground beside the well shaft. Never stopped for a break-never said it was lunch time-in fact, never said NEVER! After each failed attempt, they came up with another method to try to get the pump out. But as time went on, I was starting to doubt them, especially after 4 hours of “almost” and nothing. Then FINALLY, that first joint of 1 1/4 inch well pipe showed up at the surface and I just let out a big ole sigh of relief. You see, I had already told my wife we are probably going to be drilling another well, but at the sight of the pipe, I went back in the house and shouted to her that “we’re going to have water tonight.” She wasn’t feeling good that day, but when told the pump was coming up, she came outside to watch them bring it out.
The team immediately took measures and put the new pump in place. At 7:30 PM that evening, we had clear running water in our home. I can’t say enough about those men’s efforts. They are to be commended!
I also want to let you know how fortunate I feel that we “lucked” out and got your company to handle this task. If I hadn’t talked to you, Number 1: We would have put in a pump that would not have given us the results that was required or we wanted; Number 2: We would not have the “Continuous Flow System” that is in place now. I can already see the improvement in the pressure; Number 3: The electrical breaker controlling the energy to the well would STILL be located inside the garage, which as you pointed out, wouldn’t do us a bit of good if the house ever caught on fire (Heaven Forbid).
They say things happen for a reason. I say, “Things started happening when you and your team arrived.” Please share this with your team. Now we say, “YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST!!” Bill & MaryAnn Steffek
Oatmeal, TX

September 22, 2003
Dear Jim:
I am writing to express my enthusiasm for your recently installed Goulds pump. It is remarkably quiet, efficient, and the water pressure is excellent without any variance of pressure, even under heavy usage.
I sincerely appreciate your knowledge in making this new product available to me, and am most grateful for the expedient and professional manner in which you and your employees drilled my well. It is truly a luxury to have a reliable source of water in the hill country. Your company exemplifies qualities which are indeed rare in this day and age: honesty, integrity, and an obvious pride in a job well done. Please feel free to use my name as a recommender for both the pump, and for your incomparable professionalism. Sincerely,
Paula A. Crider
Professor Emeritus
The University of Texas Longhorn Bands.

Dear Jim:
Just a note to let you know we were very pleased with your work and attitude. We will gladly recommend you to others.

Steve & Darcy Howell

To Jim & the gang,
Thank you for your prompt service. The two young men who made the installation were personable, and diligent about their work. Hopefully, I won’t need it serviced, but, if I do, I will surely call Bee Cave Drilling. Thanks,
Peter Barbour

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