September 16, 2014


Just let me tell you a short story. Friday my pump stops working, Saturday bubba (Charlie ) comes out can’t fix it …Monday I get lucky and Bubba comes back …this man knows his stuff ($@&?) and it was absolutely a pleasure to watch him work it was difficult knowing full well that the cost was going to be high…but our pump failed, our pipe was inferior, and now we feel like we have the best and know that if something happens, we have someone to call…what a great guy…


September 12, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Way to go Marty! Danny Desposito called to say what a great job you did!

September 8, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Congrats Chris- Saturday call for the Jungs said you were the Bomb.com!! Way to go!

September 2, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

WAY to go Alex! Paula Rechner/Bob Hill called to say how happy they were. Paula said “you were great and thanks again!”

August 28, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Grant Taylor said that he thought Alex did an amazing job. He appreciated talking with him on Friday night and having him come out to his house on Saturday to make the repairs. Great Job!

August 28, 2014

Dear Bee Cave Drilling Team,

I wanted to thank everyone at Bee cave Drilling for their help in getting my well back up and running. EVERYONE was courteous, considerate and I truly felt they had my best interest, both personal and financial, at heart. Kris and I truly appreciate the “extra mile” things that each of you did to help us get temporary water hooked up, diagnose the problem and then install the new pump. And while I had the previous paperwork, it was extremely nice of your tech (Alex, Chris and Matt) and office staff (Melanie) to review our paperwork and see what was and wasn’t covered under warranty. Outstanding service all around and again, I can’t commend your staff for how friendly and courteous they all are!


Jeff and Kris Johnston

August 18, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Allison Green-( Her husband John was out of town and Mac saw him at church). He was so appreciative on the fantastic work Chris and Alex did. He will probably write a letter but in case he forgets I wanted ya’ll to know what a great job ya’ll did!

Great work!!

August 15, 2014

Jared and Matthew did a great job and were a pleasure to work with! Thank them again for me.

Mike Heideman

August 6, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Carroll Cowan, a new customer, called and was impressed by Charles’ fast response time. He appreciated how Charles took the time to explain to him what was going on. He had someone else put in his system and it was done very poorly but Charles got him in water today and Jared created an estimate that Mr. Cowan committed to because he was so impressed. He couldn’t thank us enough!

Way to go guys! We appreciate what you do!

July 30, 2014


We recently hired Bee Cave Drilling to drill a water well at our home located in Spring Branch, Texas. After being stood up by four other companies in our area, we were thankfully referred to Bee Cave Drilling by Buzz Park, an HOA board member in our subdivision, Mystic Shores at Canyon Lake. Words cannot express our gratitude for the professional manner in which our project was handled from start to finish!

The job was supervised by Greg Svetlik and our contact with EVERY employee, from Steve, in charge of drilling the rig, to the crews that came afterward, could not have been better. We’ve had more than just our fair share of “bad contractors” over the years and can honestly state that his job was the best experience we’ve EVER had. Not only were all representatives of the company extremely polite and helpful, but we were quite impressed by the quality of the materials used and the automated manner in which the well efficiently operates.

Through the HOA project approval process, Buzz contacted Greg on several occasions for additional information and stated to us “So happy you contracted with Bee Cave Drilling, as Greg rapidly responded to my requests for additional information.” Through the entire process, we kept expecting something to go wrong, but it never did! What a relief that was on such a major project.



July 29, 2014

I just wanted to let you know the guys (Antonio and Zeb) you sent over were courteous and efficient. My experiences with your employees have been great each time.

Thank you!

Michael Lux

June 12, 2014 Hi Jim, Your guardian angel showed up and has everything working like a charm. Mac is such a sweet guy and couldn’t have been better in every way. What a gem you have with his expertise.
Please send an amended bill so we can pay you for your services.​ ​

Thanks for pulling us out of a rough spot! ​

Carlene Reeves

June 10, 2014

Dear BCD –

Thank you so much for getting there and fixing the problem so quickly!!!

Thanks again, Shirley Miller
Office of Ben Crenshaw


From a phone call to our office…

Randy Nelson Plumbing called to say that we have all of his business going forward thanks to the outstanding job of Alex and Jared. They took a late call last night and got the customer back in water. Mr. Nelson was so impressed he will not being using our competitor anymore. He flew in late last night was very pleased to have water when he got home.

Thank you guys so much for going the extra mile!


From a phone call to our office… I just talked to Karen Strand. She commented that Robert is Awesome! I agree with her.
Way to go Robert!


From a phone call to our office…

David Carrilla called to thank Chris! He set the pump by himself, David said thank you for all of the hard work you did. He said you worked extremely hard and He was so appreciative that you got them back in water. Thank you for all your hard work!


Thank you for your help! Please pass along my satisfaction with your guys! Great crew and they did us a really good job!

Kevin Naumann


Hi Christy,

I just wanted to thank you for sending Robert out to our house at 419 spears ranch rd in Jarrell so quickly last week on May 19th. I work nights and got home to a house completely dry of water- even the 3000 gallon storage tank was empty and it scared me! It also just happened to be the same day we were moving out of the house! Robert figured out the problem very quickly and even stayed extra to make sure our tank was filling back up properly. We are moving to a property that will require a new well ​pump and a storage tank in the near future, so we will definitely be calling you again!


Jenny Mueller


Thanks Greg! BTW, the drilling crew Steve and Rick are two of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Both are outstanding, hardworking men with great attitudes. Definitely an asset to Bee Cave Drilling!

Justin Love


From a phone call to our office…

Steve Carter said that he happy with the quick response and how professional Antonio was to work with. He really appreciated the work you did!

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