March 26, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Great job Antonio and Ramsey

Kudos to Antonio and Ramsey. Ty Woodruff gave you guys a glowing testimonial. He couldn’t have been happier with your work on his new storage tank!

Ty Woodruff

March 26, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Great job Chris, Matt and Jared Both Tom Chenaut and Phil Waldron said you guys were amazing and they had so much fun working with ya’ll
They are referring their neighbor also to have a jet job!

You make us proud!

Tom Chenaut and Phil Waldron

February 09, 2015

You guys are AWESOME! Joe and I were amazed by the courtesy, professionalism, and expertise shown by everyone in your company. We have had numerous dry holes dug by several well drillers in our area and none of them come close to providing the level of service and knowledge that your company offers. We are thrilled that the well you just dug for us was not another dry hole, but even if it was, we would be singing your praises. Kevin, Derek, Mike, Marty; thank you all so much for the 200% effort you put into our well drilling experience! It was truly a pleasure to meet all of you. We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know.

Kathryn Gregory and Joe Scribner

February 06, 2015

Thank you all very much. Charlie and Brad were so professional and just terrific. I appreciate Jim being so prompt with everything as well. Great company you have!!! Thank you, again.

Joan Killebrew

January 23, 2015

Thanks again to you and your team for the quick and personable response. Everyone at Bee Cave Drilling has been great to work with.

Carlton Andrews

January 22, 2015

From a phone call to our office…

Great Job Jared, Josh and Brad! Mike Hellrung said ya’ll were awesome!

January 22, 2015 Please thank Mac and all the others at Bee Cave Drilling for handling our “issue” so quickly and professionally!

Bob Beardley

January 21, 2015

One of our hose fittings came apart on a job and painted the customer’s brand new white house with drilling mud. We did our best to clean it up and make things right with the customer, but you never know what kind of impression you will leave with a customer after a major problem occurs. Here was her response at the end of the job: I really cannot tell you how much I appreciate your kind email and your professional service oriented work ethics! Thank you for your follow up on our well. …If you ever need a reference for your business, please feel free to contact me! … Thanks again!


December 18, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Mr. Campbell called about what a great job that Alex and Matt did on the booster pump repair. Great job…Thank you for another satisfied customer!

December 2, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

The Reed’s were very pleased with the work Alex did for them. They greatly appreciated the extra time that was spent on your notes (they were not home) and the video report you sent them. Thank you Alex for going the extra mile it is greatly appreciated!

November 18, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Great Job Antonio and Ramsey on the Jordan job. They are really happy with the storage tank system. They said that you did an amazing job!

November 14, 2014

I will always call you first and will always recommend you to clients. The other well companies in my area do good work but they do not respond to my needs as y’all do. I have timelines to adhere to and reports to fill out. Low price, from my prospective, is secondary. I need a responsive and professional company to help me keep Fannie Mae happy.



November 11, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Marty took a load of water out to Tracey Bookbinder and he noticed the insulation was missing on her well head and he took care of it. She was happy with her water delivery and said Marty was wonderful. Thank you Marty…great job!

November 10, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Joe Adams said Josh did a wonderful job and called to let us know what outstanding work he did. Way to go Josh!

November 10, 2014

From an email to our office…

Thank you Mike and Derek for helping out the service team today! We greatly appreciate your help!

October 12, 2014

From an email to our office…

We had a serious “mud” problem after our well was drilled. It prevented us from using our irrigation system because it clogged up the valve of the very first zone that was turned on. The gravity filter was installed in May. The problem was solved virtually immediately. I am not sure what your specific problem is, but if it is similar to the one we were having, a gravity filter should solve the problem. For what it is worth, our experience with Jim Blair of Bee Cave Drilling is that he walks the talk. You can take what he tells you to the bank.

B. Cole

October 10, 2014

From our President, Jim Blair…

I went to Richard Pickle’s site today to inspect the storage tank system that we recently installed. He went on and on about how great Antonio and Ramsey were. He was thrilled with the new constant pressure system and the way that they customized it to his needs and wants. He kept saying how impressed he was with our guys and the system that they built. I have to admit that I am quite impressed myself. They do a great job.

Jim B.

October 7, 2014

From an email to our office…

Your guys were great, efficient, friendly, and professional. I met some of them on site the other day.

Brian Bares

September 25, 2014

From an email to our office… Thank you so much for work you did. Everything is running great! We really appreciate it.
Special thanks to Jim for working with us!

Ron & Janice Gainey

September 22, 2014

From a phone call to our office…

Javier Rios said you guys were really helpful, especially Mike, with very useful information. He appreciates the job ya’ll did for him.

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