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Helping Those in Need has Been an Important Part of Who We Are

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Helping people in need is part of Bee Cave Drilling’s DNA. Since its inception, Bee Cave Drilling has been helping less fortunate individuals with their water supply needs. In addition to the work our employees do individually in their community and through their churches, we have had the privilege to work in other nations to supply communities with a clean, reliable water source and to provide training – both internationally and at home – to ministries that drill water wells for those who need them. Below is a partial list of the international mission trips we have been a part of. If you know of ministry opportunities that Bee Cave Drilling might be interested in, please let us know.

Nairobi, Kenya / Kibera, Kenya / Oltinga, Kenya / Namanga, Kenya / Cameroon

Invited by Living Water International, Jim Blair, and former employee Bobby Roberts traveled to Nairobi, Kenya in 2004 to help train Kenyans to drill water wells. That was the beginning of an incredible chapter in the history of Bee Cave Drilling that continues to this day. Since that time, Bobby and his wife Mindy have made numerous trips to Africa to work with Living Waters and other ministries to not only provide clean water to rural villages, but to also train local Kenyans to drill water wells, form new communities to get people out of the urban slums, start orphanages, and technical training schools. Living Waters International continues to send individuals to the Bee Cave Drilling facility to be trained on how to drill water wells.

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Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. James 1:27

Missions in Kenya, Austin missions in Kenya, Drilling wells in Kenya, Bee Cave Drilling missionsMission project Austin, Bee Cave Drilling drills water wells in Africa, Christian missions, Christian missionaries in AustinMission project Austin, Bee Cave Drilling drills water wells in Africa, Christian missions, Christian missionaries in Austin

Drilling a Water Well at Bethesda School in Zimbabwe

At the Bethesda Primary School in Zimbabwe students and parents are walking approximately 4 miles one way to collect water. Can you imagine going all day in the African sun with little to no water? Even then, once the water is collected there is no guarantee of its cleanliness. This is a major concern, not just for the time that it takes to do this but for the safety of the young women and children, who are primarily the main ones undertaking this enormous task on a daily basis! Bee Cave Drilling is partnering with Buy a Brick Foundation in order to help them drill a well at the Bethesda School, where currently over 300 students reside. They are estimating that this project will cost approximately $12,000.

Who is the Buy a Brick Foundation?

The Buy a Brick Foundation is a group of people working for the common goal of helping others – everyday people just like you. They come from all across the United States and Zimbabwe, Africa; and from all walks of life. They are a faith-based group with a common goal…to serve communities in dire need. Their team members have developed close friendships with the people of that distant land. How wonderful it is to walk through the bush country of Zimbabwe, be greeted by name and called “Friend”. Their construction projects are run by Zimbabweans. By utilizing project managers who speak the native languages and know the established laws, ensures that their projects are kept up to current safety standards and meet all required regulations. It also provides income to those locals working on their projects. They are a grass-roots, non-profit organization and that need our prayers and support. They need the diversity of talent that comes from people like you and we invite you to join our team. Buy just one brick or donate enough to help ensure that a whole school will have clean drinking water. Help us continue to nurture a promising future for the children of Zimbabwe, a country that is in so much need of your help and support.

Donations are made through The Buy a Brick Foundations 501C3…Please make your tax-deductible donation today!

Feed the Kingdom has partnered with PackH2O


Allowing impoverished communities access to clean drinking water!

About PackH2O

Having easy access to clean water is something that we often take for granted. Over 3.4 million people die each year from lack of clean water. Over 1 billion people do not have easy access to clean water. Woman and children usually bear the burden of daily water collection for their families. Every day the average woman living in a water-stressed region will walk 3.5 miles while carrying 5 gallons of water that may have been contaminated by fuel or pesticides. Help break the chronic cycle of waterborne diseases in impoverished communities through the solar disinfection technology of a PackH2O backpack.

It is a life-changing alternative to buckets and jerry cans designed to carry water home. The backpack is designed to ease the burden of carrying household water from access point to home. The water backpack also relieves the physical stress of carrying water by distributing the burden evenly on the wearers’ back. Light-weight and collapsible, it is easily shipped and stored.

About Feed the KingdomFeed The Kingdom Shield 1 (2)

Our mission at Feed the Kingdom is to bring first and third world churches together in relational partnership for developing nations by addressing the issues of Water, Health, Orphans, Poverty and Education/Evangelism to provide sustainable community development.

Our vision is to facilitate physical and spiritual transformation in developing nations resulting in clean water, healthy communities, strong families, business opportunities, quality education, and ongoing evangelism.

Along with providing water for drinking and agricultural purposes, our calling is also to bring the living water of the gospel of Jesus Christ to all unreached people.

How Can You Help?

Contact Bobby and Mindy Roberts at Feed the Kingdom to learn how you can get involved and make an impact with PackH2O.

788 CR 2651
Rio Medina, TX 78066

Missions in Kenya, Austin missions in Kenya, Drilling wells in Kenya, Bee Cave Drilling missions


Project Name: Emboret Parish Tanzania

Missions in Kenya, Austin missions in Kenya, Drilling wells in Kenya, Bee Cave Drilling missions
We will be drilling 2 wells for the village of 3500 people. The surrounding community has a population of 37,000 people. No clean water is currently available to the community. We will be installing storage tanks and generators at each well site.

Tax Deductible Donations needed at this time: PackH2O Cost $15 each

Donations are made through our 501C3 Feed The Kingdom, Inc.

These backpacks are designed to alleviate the strain of women carrying jerry cans of water.

Our goal is to provide at least 100 of these backpacks to the women in the village.
These bags are made in Nairobi Kenya and will be picked up there and transported to the village for distribution.