You need a storage tank on your well

by | Jul 20, 2021

Does your well:

  1. Supply water to your home or business?
  2. Have problems with sulfur gas?
  3. Give you low pressure during high demand or droughts?
  4. Have sediment issues?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you need a storage tank system. Let me explain. 

A conventional water system uses a submersible pump down in the well. That pump pushes water up to the surface to a pressure tank and then on to your demand. Here is what it looks like

With this type of system, you are limited to the capabilities of the production zone, casing, pump, and controls. If you have a weak well or a weak pump, then you get low pressure. If you have a drought, then you have nothing to provide extra flow. 

A storage tank system adds a holding tank between the well head and the pressure tank. The well pump turns is controlled by a float switch in the top of the storage tank. This makes the filling of the tank automatic. Then a booster pump sucks water from the base of the tank and pushes it to the pressure tank and out to your house or irrigation system. When you build this type of system, you get some tremendous benefits.

  1. More dependable water system. If the well shuts off and the tank gets low, you can use the built in reserve water while we fix your well.
  2. All of the sulfur gas escapes out of the water while it is in the storage tank. When the water is not under pressure, the gas vents off leaving you with better water.
  3. The well pump will last 2-3 times longer because it will not have as many starts. With an average of only 1 start per day, the submersible pump will last much longer than it will on a conventional setup.
  4. Sediment will fall out. If you have sand in your water, then you know the fight of keeping those filters replaced. Put in a storage tank and then your filters will last much longer. All of the sediment will fall into the bottom. The tank will hold 200 gallons of sediment before you have to clean it out. We can clean it out in less than 2 hours.
  5. Dissolved iron will come out. You know that red staining that the water has on your buildings. That is iron that is dissolved in the water. When it gets oxygen, it precipitates to a solid. That process will happen in the tank and not on your buildings.
  6. More water.  If your well is weak, you are limited to the small amount of storage in your well and pressure tank. With a storage tank, your well can work on filling it all day while you are at work. All night while you are asleep it is topping it off. A 1 gpm well can provide 1,440 gallons per day if you have a storage tank.
  7. Better pressure. With the conventional well, your flow is limited by the volume that your pump can push from deep in the well. But, with a storage tank system, the booster pump can push much more water. Just choose the flow and pressure you want and there is a booster available that can do it.

Talk to your well driller today about how a storage tank system can improve your water system.