Water Well Systems

Conventional Water Well System Setup

Water Well Diagram

The basic residential water well system looks like the diagram above. The submersible pump pushes water up through the drop pipe to the surface. The check valve keeps water from flowing back into the well. The pressure switch turns the pump on when the pressure drops and off when the pressure builds up. The pressure is stored in the pressure tank. If the system builds too much pressure, the relief valve will release the excess pressure in an emergency.

Storage Tank Systems

Many of our customers prefer a storage tank system for the following reasons:

  1. Sulfur gas removal: the storage tank will allow the gas to vent off. Just like carbonation in a coke, when the water is not under pressure, the gas will "boil" off.
  2. Dependability: the submersible pump in the well will start about 1/20th of the time. Starts are very hard on pumps and should be limited as much as possible. This water well system will double or triple the life of the average pump.
  3. Back up System: this system is equipped with a back up. If the submersible is unable to fill the tank, the customer is notified, and the reserve water is used until the well can be fixed.
  4. Better pressure and flow: many water wells do not provide the flow and/or pressure that you desire. The storage tank can fix this problem.
  5. Gravity fed system: these systems operate even when the power supply is shut off. If the tank is installed uphill from the home, you will have water even when the power is off.
  6. Sediment removal: The tank allows sediment to fall out of the water without restricting the pressure. The tank can hold several hundred gallons of sediment before it needs to be cleaned. Cleaning is easily done with a siphon hose.
  7. Additional Points: The tank also removes all iron and gives you gravity fed water during power outages.

Storage Tank

Constant Pressure Systems

You can have constant pressure on your private water well system ... just like city water. The controller converts single phase 230 volt power to three phase 230 volt power. It varies the frequency to control the speed of the pump. The pump will turn at the speed necessary to provide constant pressure. As flow demand changes, the motor speed changes to maintain a constant pressure. Standard systems vary the pressure by 20 psi, while this system allows a variance of only 2 psi. There are different models of controllers for each type of pump. In some cases, the constant pressure system is less expensive than the standard system.

Cycle-Stop Valves

The Cycle-Stop valve is used to regulate flow from a pump. This valve will make your pump last much longer, while giving you consistent pressure at any flow rate. To see how, visit www.cyclestopvalves.com.

Concrete Slab & Custom Pump House

Our custom pump house is designed for easy service of the water well. The 6 lockable door makes entry a breeze, even when several people are working on the system. If necessary, the pump house is designed to be lifted off in a few minutes to allow the submersible pump to be pulled. These buildings are made with tin from Mueller.

Lake Pumps

If you need a lake pump, we build systems that work. We design each system to fit your needs and your site. Whether it is a lake, creek, pond, or river, we can build a system that will work. Every lot has a different need or issue that needs to be considered. We are pump people, and we do it right.

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