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Our customers are often surprised by the mess that is created during the drilling process. In some cases, the cost to clean up the drilling cuttings and restore the site to original conditions can be very expensive. Some sites are so sensitive that you canít spill drill cuttings on the ground. If this sounds like your site, donít worry. We have a solution. We bring in a specially modified shipping container to catch all drilling cuttings and water. Then we haul it off, and you are left with a clean site.

What Type of Water Well Drilling Should I Use?

There are many options to consider before a water well drilling project. We will take into consideration all of your specific needs for your water well. We provide the expert advice to help you make the right decision for your family or place of business.

Gravel Packing

Gravel Packing is the most difficult, expensive, and time consuming method we offer, but the extra trouble can be well worth it. For example, if you encounter a stringer of clay or soft limestone in the middle of your production zone, you can produce all of the water available. With the Gravel Packing technique no downward migration can penetrate through the clay pack that is on top of the gravel pack. This ensures that your water will be clean.

Open Hole Casing

Open Hole is the least expensive and easiest method of completion we offer. Besides being the quickest to finish of all 3 options, its other advantage is that you maintain the ability to enter the hole at a later time. However, the disadvantages can be significant. First, your water supply will have limestone silt in it that will need to be filtered out. Moreover, as the well ages, the hole can fill in over several years and cut off the supply of water. Bee Cave Drilling offers no warranty on this completion method.

Neoprene Packer

A neoprene packer casing is a compromise between the two other methods, gravel packing or open hole. You can complete the well relatively fast, without the highest expense. The silt and sand are stopped by the rubber packer that is attached to the casing. The main problem is that the packer can leak under high pressure. To prevent this from happening, we use multiple packers. Bee Cave Drilling offers a one year warranty on this completion method.

Choosing the right casing for your well

For years, the drillers in this area have struggled with casing collapse. The column on the outside of the casing fills up with seep water, while the water inside the casing pushes back out. When the water level drops during pumping, the water on the outside pushes in on the casing. This is even worse during drought periods. If the pressure on the casing is more than it is designed to handle, then the casing will collapse. This ruins the well and in many cases, captures the pump.

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PVC Casing

PVC casing is widely used because of itís low cost and efficiency. However, PVC is not strong enough for the deeper wells that we have in our area. Many wells have collapsed recently. During recent summers, many wells that were cased with PVC have collapsed due to low water levels. We ran cameras into some of the wells and captured pictures of the collapse. Our customer have grown tired of PVC casing in deep wells.

Steel Casing

For many years, the only other option has been steel casing, which is very expensive, and adds a problem of rust. Eventually, the steel will rust out and will need to be replaced.

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Constant Pressure

If you want great water pressure for your family, consider a constant pressure system. It will keep your family smiling. You may even forget that you are on a well. Learn more..

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