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Distance requirements for new water wells in the State of Texas

The State of Texas has set minimum distance requirements for new wells. These rules keep wells away from property lines, septic tanks, septic fields, and sewer lines. The rules help prevent the contamination of the aquifer. The state requires that a standard well annulus be cemented 10 from the surface. With this completion method, the well must be 50 from property lines, 50 from septic tanks, and 100 from septic fields.

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If the new well is too close, the well can be pressure cemented. This will allow the property line to be up to 5 away and the septic field can be up to 50 away. The septic tank must maintain the 50 setback as well.

Illustration 2

For wells that are installed where the area is serviced by a city sewer system, new wells must be 5 from property lines and 50 from all sewer lines.

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Some groundwater districts have setback requirements that supercede the state requirements. These setbacks vary from district to district. Check with us about the distance requirements and possible exceptions for your site.