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Preferred Contractors

Lupton Irrigation

Phone: 512-310-1914

Licensed Irrigator 7589

Preferred Builders

Over the three decades we have been building wells, we have developed a strong alliance with many professionals in the building industry. Here are some of the many builders we work with.

Bill Dunn Construction,
Brad Marshall Homes 512-989-9925
Braun and Butler Construction 512-837-2882
Brian A. Bailey Homes 512-328-2502
Bridgewater Custom Homes 512-801-9109
Buffington Enterprises, Inc. 512-658-5821
C&A Builders 512-261-0692
Camelot Custom Homes, Inc. 512 577 8348
Casa Bella Development 512-563-9716
Caswell Services, Inc. 512-445-4388
Classic Constructors, LP 512-402-1660</td>
Dalgleish Construction Company 512-346-8554
DaVinci Homes 512-858-0800
Don Crowell Builders 512-328-9974
Duffin Construction 512-858-2063
Emerald Crest Development 512-478-4950
Encino Homes 512-963-6288
Foursquare Builders, LLC 512-912-7533
J. Pinnelli Company 512-478-5958
Michael Deane Homes, Inc. 512-478-2400
Partners in Building 512-266-6701
Russell Eppright Custom Homes 512-347-9955
Unique Transformations of Austin 512-300-0132

Preferred Realtors

We have a vast number of real estate professionals that we work with. They coordinate with our staff to ensure the well on a property is in good working order. We also advise them of any recommendations we may have to make the system more efficient. This pertains to both existing wells, and to property that will need a well in the future. Never buy a property without calling and requesting either a well inspection, or a well estimate. We will help you set your expectations on well cost, and water availability. A good realtor will always advise you to consult with a quality well professional.

Alicia Kelley (Realty Austin) 512-736-7585
Allison Akers (Austin Modern Living) 512-275-6255
Andrea Parker (RE/MAX Gateway) 512-767-8857
Rebecca King (City View Realty) 512-786-3248
Betty England (MaxAvenue,LLC) 512-619-3040
Burt Dement (Realty Austin) 512-689-7352
Carmen Erthal (Amelia Bullock Realtors) 512-587-4687
Chris Poynor (Keller Williams) 512-794-6604
Cliff Adams (Gateway Realty) 512-944-5958
Desmond Milvenan (Turnquist Partners) 512-294-4740
Drue Goodale (Austin City Living) 512-431-8416
Gene Arant (Keller Williams) 512-261-1000
Jackie Good (Realty Austin) 512-431-3395
Jennifer West (Keller Williams) 512-913-3342
Joseph Honegger (Outlaw Realty) 512-497-9252
Keri Aladeniyi (Realty Austin) 512-241-1300
Kim Reynolds Gregorcyk (SW Realty) 512-658-1070
Malene Howard (Keller Williams) 512-288-5885
Marilyn Goldner (Amelia Bullock) 512-944-0630
Melony Coffman (Keller Williams) 512-968-0361
Mike Heslop (BloodHound Inspections) 512-217-6797
Polly Clarke (Turnquist Partners) 512-658-6389
Ronnie Klein (Keller Williams) 512-431-6955
Scott Moore (Zip Realty) 512-569-9406
Shawn Culhane (Culhane Premier Properties) 512-590-0850
Susan Hershey (Keller Williams) 512-818-0429
Tami Baker (Riverstone Residential) 512-496-6784
Jeff Coffman (Keller Williams) 512-968-0361
Todd Grossman (Realty Austin) 512-919-6524
Tom Coplen (Stanberry & Associates) 512-619-7507
Trisha Graham (Turnquist Partners) 512-560-9994
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